I Smile Again


22. second part of chp. 20!!

"Harry. That's enough," She laughed and took the Christmas ball out of my hand and placed it back on the shelf.

"Fine, but our tree will be the nicest," I said talking about the competition. The Christmas tree competition with Louis and Nikki. On Christmas Eve, we are supposed to be having dinner at their house and on Christmas, at ours.

"I'm sure it will," she pecked my lips, getting on her tippy toes.

"Let's pay, shall we?"

"We shall," I laugh, and place my hand on Eleanor's lower back as she pushed the cart filled with Christmas garments.

The shops this weekend have been crazily full, it wasn't very surprising to me as Christmas was coming around the corner and everyone loves decorating their flats.

Apart from that, It has been one week since that gala with Mr. Malik, and from that day Eleanor hasn't been tardy at home or at anything that included us, which pleased me loads because spending time with her was so precious to me.

As we arrived at the cashier, I noticed a woman and her kids leaving the store hurriedly with about seven, to ten bags in hands. Wow, they must be filthy rich, but of course I did not mention my thought to Eleanor because she hated when I talked about her money or anyone's.

"Good afternoon," a slick American accent from the chubby lady's mouth slipped out. I watched as Eleanor gave a warm smile to the unfriendly annoyed lady, who neither returned a smile or a word.

I started taking all the garments out of the cart and on the sliding rug.

"Babe can you do it alone?" Eleanor asked me.

"Yeah, carry on to the car," I told her.

"I'll wait," she smiled to me and i could feel her stare on me as I took out all the decorations on the rug.

The cashier, who at the moment loudly chewed on her gum, quickly checked things up on the computer and looked at Eleanor.

"150 dollars," the cashier who's name tag sloppily showed : Amy.

She defiantly smiled and my heart stopped along with my mouth dropping.

"Did we take that much...?" I whisper to Eleanor who her had a big smile on her face.

"Harry, no need to worry I can pay,"

"Eleanor there's no way you're paying,"

"Excuse me..." The cashier loudly interrupts me and Eleanor's debate. How rude. We both look at her.

"I'm sure that Eleanor Lutes," she insisted on 'Lutes'.

"Has enough money to pay, for the whole supermarket and that you don't have to insist on paying and also I'm sure..."

"Excuse me?" I interrupted her painful words.

"Are you talking about me?" I raised my voice and pushed Eleanor back who stumbled on her feet.

"I might not be rich, and not many incredible things ever happen to me but my fiancé, my job and my apartment is better than sitting here all day like a lazy bitch all day ..." My temper was turning real bad and I felt Eleanor's hand on my back, along with her telling me to calm down, I didn't like embarrassing her.

"Calm down sir or I'll call the police," a few people gathered around us as the clerk said that.

"You won't call anyone!" I screamed at the terrified woman's face.

"Then leave!"

"I'm not done with you !"

"Harry that's enough!" Eleanor shouted.

"I will," the clerk said talking about calling the cops.

"You won't dare,"

"I think it's too late..." Eleanor said, and I knew that was it. She hated me for what I had done. But at least I knew what I had done.

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