I Smile Again


17. Last Part of Chapter 16!!! Hot One

After the interview which ended well, since i got all answers to my questions, I was with Louis and Bel.

"He's a total freak," i say sipping on the hot coffee as we were all in a coffee shop.

"Is it just now that you realize?" Bel asks me as she swallows.

"When i went to 'Malik Enterprises' to get to meet him in person, he had his hands around my waist,"

"Oh my god ! Does Harry know?" Louis asks.

"No, thankfully and i'm not looking forward on telling him,"

"You should," Bel says.

"Have you gone crazy? He will never talk to me again!"

"Bel, El is right." Louis defended me.

"Okay okay." She said annoyed.

"Anyways, let's talk about me!" Louis said and i smiled at his adorableness.

"Nikki is going on her fifth pregnancy month in a couple days!"

"Aw, that's really sweet!" I said.

"I can't wait for Max to propose, he literally is a douche!" Bel laughed and we all did as well.

"Are you guys doing anything for Christmas ?" Louis asked.

"I don't know, i think Harry and I will decorate the apartment and have a night in." I said.

"Love, i know you want to party," Louis said and he was right.

"Yes i do, it's been so long but Harry isn't the type."

"oh come on! He could go out for you just once," Bel said.

"Maybe, but i am also perfectly fine with staying in with him, he is just so sweet," I said.

"Fine, i just hope Max and i will do something festive." Bel said bored.

"Nikki doesn't know but i will take her out to eat, and then we'll go home and my pants might go hard for her!" Louis said as we all laughed. Tears of laughter escaped the corner of my eyes and i leant back in the chair i was sitting in as the laughter was too hard.

"Oh my God Louis you're so dumb! She's already pregnant!" Bel said and we all calmed the laughter as everyone looked at us awkwardly.

"I was just kidding," He said and drank his cup.

"How's Harry's job ?" Bel asked.

"They are moving location,"

"That sucks," Louis said.

"I knew that already!" i said sadly.

"Sorry love," he apologized and i just smiled back at the brunette.

"He works a lot, you have to persuade him to take a break for real!" Bel said and Louis agreed.

"I try but it's hard, so many things are happening with him moving me working, us not planing the wedding, its complicated." i groaned.

"Yes i can imagine," Bel says.

"Going back to Christmas talking!" Louis says in a joyful tone and enlightens the mood.

"Every year we have a cocktail party before Christmas and New Year's Eve. The whole 'Vogue' crew and we can invite a few personal members." Louis explains.

"That sounds fantastic !" Bel exclaims and i nod in agreement with her. A few minutes later, my phone buzzes and i know it's Harry. I unlock the screen and go to messages.

"Done with all the packing, starting to move in to the other location tomorrow !! Don't forget the chinese-Xx. Your baby," I smiled and dug my phone back in my clutch. I pushed my chair back and got out of it.

"I have to go Loves, See you monday." They all said 'bye' and 'say hi to harry' as i waved and left the Café. For the Chinese takeaway, there was one a few meters away which was good since i didn't have to walk much in those massive heels.

I entered the small Chinese place where a few people were eating and talking. I made my way to the counter where a beautiful asian lady was serving. I stood in line and waited about ten minutes before the chubby's man long order was finished. The tired lady looked at me and smiled.

"Would you like to have the menu Mrs.?"

"No thank you, i know already."

"What would you like then?"

"Two orange cuttlefish and two soy sauce chicken with two small pan rice please."

"Great order, please wait about ten minutes to the side,"

"Okay, and please it's takeaway,"


Harry's POV :

Today was tough. I had lots of pity for Danielle who helped us pack the whole Café, thankfully we were done though and it was the weekend. All we had to do was move everything, unpack and arrange, which was still a lot. I heard the door slam and knew it was Eleanor as i heard groaning. I giggled silently and waited a few minutes before footsteps were heard coming into the room.

"Harry!!!" she screamed.

"I'm home!!!"

"In the bath!" i shouted back. Yes. I was in the bath, i had let the water sink in my skin and into my bones for about thirty minutes, my fingers were wrinkly but it felt too good to get out. The door opened and a blushing Eleanor was revealed. She was wearing a high waisted skirt that was white and a black sheer top with red heels and red lipstick. She blushed and tied her long hair in a ponytail in front of the mirror.

"Well then, looking lovely today," I smiled.

"You saw me this morning!"

"So? am i not allowed to compliment my love?"

"What a tease,"

I giggled and closed my eyes as i leant back letting my wet hair fall back in the water.

"Come and join me." i ordered and she looked at me taking her attention away from the mirror.

"What?" she asked giggling.

"I said, come join me, in the bath"

"Harry, get out and come eat, the food will get cold,"

"Just commee innn !!" i whined like a baby.

"No!" She said defiantly. I leant back up, the bubbles covering my naked body and looked at Eleanor.

"Just a kiss?"




I laughed and watched her walk or should i say click out the room with her big heels.

After my bath, i walked into the kitchen with a towel in hand drying my damp curls. I walked over Eleanor who was changed into booty shorts and a crop top. Compared to me, who was wearing a light blue shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

"Finally, gosh do i take that much time ?" she asked laughing and walked towards the dining table with a few plastic plates in hand.

"Maybe." I say kissing her ear as i had sped up to stand behind her.

"Sit down, and let's eat," she smiled and sat down. I sat across the table to face her and served our empty glasses some wine.

"Bon Appetite!" I said and she giggled. I took my fork and and planted it in the hot chicken.

"Thanks Babe for the dinner,"

"Why, you welcome." I ran my fingers across the table and picked her hand up. Her eyes looked into mine and i brought her hand to my mouth.

"I" i said kissing one of her knuckles.

"Love." i kissed the other one.

"You." And kissed the two others one, i looked back into her eyes full of joy and she answered an ,"I love YOU," Insisting on the word 'you'.

"How was work?" i ask quickly changing subject so she doesn't start crying.

"The interview?"

"Mh." i say chewing on some rice.

"Em, it...well it went pretty well,"

"What does that mean?"

"I told him that i have a husband, and i think he understood. Guess who his wife is?"

"Thankfully not you,"

"Harry," she laughed.

I laughed along with her and seriously asked ,"Who?"

"Perrie Edwards,"

"From that weird girl-band?"

"Yes! Oh and isn't your middle name Edwards?"

"Yeah," i groaned at the same time blushing.

Eleanor's POV :

Tonight was special. Harry and I had a nice romantic Chinese takeaway, we talked and laughed and now we were washing the dishes. I was. Harry just sat on the counter and talked to me as i was quickly finishing up.

"You look hot in booty Shorts."

"Where you trying to get Styles?"

"Into them,"

"Excuse me?" i stopped the water that was slowly dripping on the plates and turned to face Harry who had a dirty look on his face.

"You're my bad girl right?" He asked and i walked closer to him.

"Right." Was all i could say before Harry was back on feet, forehead on mine and his hand clutching my bum. I brought my face closer to his where our lips were about to touch and walked away with his breathing getting louder.

"Don't do this to me," he said in a raspy voice following me in the room.

"Sorry Styles but i hate you." i teased.

"You what?"

"I hate you so much,"

"Oh yeah?"

"More than ever before." I closed the bedroom door and threw Harry on the bed.

Harry's POV :

When Eleanor did this to me, it was bad. Bad for my temper because i would get violent and would want her more than ever. She pushed me on the bed and i started sweating. The mattress didn't move when i fell on it. I watched as Eleanor removed her shirt revealing a red lace bra.

"Like this?" she asked and i could feel the bulge in my pants getting hard.

"Yeah," i said thirsty for her.

"Well then," she said pulling down her shorts and revealing a black string.

"Babe, don't," i warned her.

"Sorry but i have to," she untied her hair and shakes it so sexily. She walks towards my open legs and sits on one of my laps. Without hesitating, i dig my face in her neck and all over her body.

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