I Smile Again


16. First Part of Chapter 16!!

I heard a loud knock at my office door. With a simple "Come in!" the door opened to reveal a shaky Louis.

"Em, Mrs. Lutes... em Mr. Malik is here." My heart and body froze. Him.

"Let him in." Was what i said without thinking and the unshaven beard entered my office. Without hesitating, Louis stormed out the room slamming the door shut.

"Lets get started" he said smirking dirtily. I swallowed a heavy liquid in my throat and sat back down as i saw he did so in front of the desk.

"Alright...so i'm just going to find my questions," i said rummaging through a stack of paper and shaking a bit , starting to sweat at the top of my forehead.

"Are you scared of me love?" I felt his hand on top of mine. I looked up at him as my lips parted opened.


"Hurry up then." he said leaning back in his chair crossing his legs.

"Before we start Zayn, "

"Excuse me?" he asked interrupting my phrase.


"Don't call me Zayn."

"Anyways, to start off with, i am married and so i do not want you touching me."

"You're the one who wants me in your bed,"

"You've crossed your limits !"

"Then it sounds as if you don't need this interview,"

"Yes. Yes i do, stay. Please, but just keep your hands to yourself,"

"I have a wife you know?"

"Oh,...oh you do?"

"Perrie Edwards. From Little Mix?"

"Oh wow,"

"I only have twenty minutes to spare and you have an hour so carry on!"


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