I Smile Again


9. Chapter 9

Eleanor's POV:

It had been about two weeks that Harry and I moved in together and my life has completely evaluated. Now, i'm a Top Level Manager in Vogue Magazine which is crazy, and my dream come true also. I have a made a couple friends, and spend all my nights with Harry at our apartment.

"Eleanor !" I heard my name through an office. I quickly got out of mine and walked through the busy halls and offices of the agency. I opened one door and found Norah, my boss, sitting on her strolling chair typing things on her computer.

"Yes?" She looked up at me who was standing there still with a few documents in hand, i stared at the blonde woman.


"Yes." I nodded and turned around to walk out the immense office in the 45 floor building. I clicked my way down the hall with my prescription heels for work. I greeted some of my colleagues that i haven't saw earlier and continued to the changing room where the coffee machine was.

I waited for the liquid to fall in the mug and i leant there on the cream colored wall. I took my phone out the tight pencil skirt i was wearing and called Harry. Only about three rings later, that favorite voice of mine spoke.

"Hey Love ?" He asked sounding pretty busy.

"Hey, You sound busy?"

"Kind of, are you okay?"

"Just wanted to know if everything was going fine. I love You."

"I'm fine and you, I love you too." He giggled from the other line as i did. The coffee machine's 'beep' sound alerted me that it was ready.

"Alright well see you tonight."

"See you Babe." He said and i kissed him through the phone a s i put my phone back in my skirt's pocket and took the coffee mug.

"Hey!" A bubbly voice said as he walked down the hall with me.

"Hi Louis."

"Is that for Norah?"


"Won't she ever get up and do something herself?" he groaned and i laughed.

"I wish but no!"

"Did you know we had a meeting in twenty minutes to talk about the new basic idea of next month's magazine ?"

"Yeah i heard," We talked some more after i gave Norah her coffee.

When Louis, Bel, and i entered the meeting room with each a coffee in hand and a tablet, we sat on the long glass chair that was already surrounded by a couple of men and women formally dressed. I set my coffee and documents on the chair in face of Louis' and we all talkatively waited for Norah who came in a hurry.

Her light blonde hair that looked even a little white towards the roots, bounced on her shoulders as she quickly walked in with the coffee i had made for her in hand. She sat her documents and drink in front of the principal chair that faced all of us, and got up to talk with a pen in hand.

"Alright, to get to the point, next month's article of the month has to be hot. Rich. Glamorous and trendy, any ideas? Go." Amelia, a beautiful brunette who has two seats away from me on my right, spoke up. We all faced her as she proudly started to speak, "Talk Leather belts, they are so on trend lately,"

"Woman Bosses. They are hot and give a perfect commercial for the agencies," Louis answered disagreeing with Amelia who sat back down and nodded at what Louis said.

"I have better, hotter, and richer, " A bubbly blonde with the name of Darcy said.

"Spill," Norah said playing with the pen in her mouth.

"A celebrity." She said and smiled proudly as Norah's eyes grew wide.

"Think More people, celebrities are everywhere to be found but may not have talent to be bound."

We nodded and Bel, the brunette who was my old friend suddenly answered, "Zayn Malik." I looked at her in confusion.

"Who? Who is he ?" I asked leaning on the table to see her better as she was across the table.

"A millionaire who gained his own money by hooking ladies to becoming top models."

"Look it up and read to me what it says." Norah ordered and i did as she said. I opened the tablet and searched his name up, being surprised by its description.

"Zayn Malik, 24, officially Millionaire by his enterprise, brand name and corporations growing exponentially along with his wealth. We have recently heard that he bought a two story bachelor pad valued at 3.7 million. He owns a couple cars each's worth is over 1000k with a beach house

in cost of 1.5 million and he did it all on his own." My jaw dropped and i cursed a loud 'shit' under my breathe.

I looked at Norah who's eyes were squinted, she was probably into deep thoughts.

"Since you seemed so interested and enthusiastic about his money young lady, i give you the responsibility and challenge to obtain an interview with Mr. Malik on Friday." She gave me a playful smirk before ending the meeting with a ,"You are dismissed." I took my things and walked out the tall room with Louis on my side.

"Why'd she look at me like that?" i ask confused as we walk.

"Because obviously, Mr. Malik is hard to get, he is a mean and careless man who only cares about his money."

"Do you even know him?"

"Trust me i know what i'm saying."

"Alright The Tommo." I teased before getting straight to work.

Harry's POV :

My shift at the Café was over, Eleanor and i had talked twice today and i had let her know that i was early at home today. She had started work only some weeks ago and coming home not to find her was a disappointment, but she loves what she does and i'm happy with that. I kicked my feet up in the couch as i laid on the big empty couch. I settled my hands behind my head, my curls gently tickling my palms and inner wrist. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep into a nap.

"Harry, i'm home" I heard the voice above my face whisper. The cold hands gently pushed my curls out of my forehead and stroke my cheeks. A kiss was placed on my forehead and i knew who it was. That voice. That kiss that nobody except her has. Eleanor. I smiled slightly as i felt a weight sit on the couch. I opened my eyes slightly only to see what she was doing. She sat on the small place my feet had left for her and her hand was rubbing my stomach covered by a dark green shirt. I opened fully my eyes now and caught a better sight of the beautiful lady. Her high ponytail pushed all her hair away from her face, and her contour makeup brought the blue in her eyes stand out more.

"Hey," i could feel my voice was raspy.

"I've been here for about ten minutes waiting for you to wake up and giving you little kisses," she giggled. Did she actually do that?

"I'm really tired," i say rubbing my eyes with my palms.

"Get up, let's do something!" she groaned

"El, let's just stay home and watch a movie or something,"

"Alright but get up,"

"To do what?"

"Okay fine, i'll go and change alone," she winked. Such a cheesy flirt.

"Fine i'm coming."


"Why not?"

"That's for leaving me hanging from that kiss,"

"It was weeks ago!"

"Well i don't care this is my revenge,"

"Fine come on here," I put my hand on the back of her neck to pull her closer to my face. Since she wasn't i her heels, she jumped on the couch on top of me and intertwined our legs together.

"Are you sure you really want to?" She asked looking deeply in my eyes with my two hands resting on her lower back.

"Yes, i'm sure."

"Well then, let me swallow that sexy raspy voice."

I laughed at how crazily dumb that was and cupped her cheek as she immediately lowered her face to kiss me. Our lips connecting was like magic making. She licked my lower lip and i smiled through the kiss, she knew how to get me. I let her entrance and our tongues grinding on each other, she let go of me as i was about to clutch upper lip with mine. She reluctantly pulled away and said, "That's what you get."

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