I Smile Again


8. Chapter 8

A couple hours later, we were in Eleanor's hotel room. I was carefully sitting on the massive suite's bed as i watched the girl throw clothes everywhere to find something. i watched my feet in my tight skinny jeans and my white socks. I played with the ends of my shirt before receiving a bra on my face. My jaw drops and laughter bursts from out of my mouth as i take the bra off of my head i watch her laugh , her hands in front of her mouth she tears up in laughter.

"Haha!! Sorry Harry, i..." she was interrupted by laughter.

"I... i didn't mean to, haha,".

"Yah sure!" I laugh even harder as she falls onto the bed making the silky white sheets sink down a little.

"Haha !!" She keeps laughing which is completely adorable. I sigh loudly before my laugh dissolves away and the moment gets awkwardly silent again. I hold the white lace bra up in front of my face as i lay on the bed.

"Nice Bra." I lower the bra down to look at Eleanor who was getting back up the bed, she stopped and looked at me placing her hands on her hip.

"Nice chest." She winked biting her lip.

"What does that even have to do?"

"Last night. Nice chest, nice abs,"

"Oh, Thanks Lutes, or should i say Styles," I winked but also felt my heart warming up wt the thought of Eleanor being a future Styles.

"Oh Yah Harry, by the way, For the wedding, how will we plan everything, i'm getting a new job as a manager in shopping centers and you're busy all day at the Café?"

I sighed as she was right. This was going to be hard.

"Eleanor, i don't know yet and we don't have to get married just yet. We are fiancées and it's official that we are getting married someday. Let's talk about that later shall we?"

She tossed her hair to the other side of her face like most girls do, except she was beautiful, Precious.

"You're right."

I laughed and sighed happily in relief. I threw her bra back at her and said, "Cmon finish packing so we could pick up some dinner later, yeah?"

"Should we eat at the hotel's restaurant? It's free since i was staying here."

That kind of took me back, did she seriously think i couldn't pay anything for myself? i ignored the thought and simply nodded along with a smile.

"Maia and i talked earlier and she says Hi, also your father wants to know when we could meet all three of us?" She bent down and started folding more clothes as i just lazily laid on the bed.

"Yeah, sounds lovely. Do you mind helping me?" I chuckle and hop off the bed. I walk on the sandy yellow rugged floor to in front of the huge bed where Eleanor was sitting criss crossed folding all the clothes she had. I sat in front of her criss crossed and stuck out my lower lip sucking on my upper one. I made a puppy face and sat there doing nothing but staring at Eleanor. She stopped folding clothes when she realized i was there and look at me.

"Are you serious? Come on help me fold,"

"Can't that wait?"

"Why? What do you have in mind Mr. Styles?"

"Well, Mr. Styles is craving for some of that strawberry Chapstick that Mrs. Styles is wearing," I say in song-singing voice trying to act as adorable as i could. She chuckles slightly and looks at me sighing, "Baby, we have all the time for that, hurry and help me pack we have three hours to get out of the hotel!" she groaned in annoyance. I ignored what she said and shushed her putting a finger on her lips.

"Harry," she warned me.

"Shush, just kiss me,"

"No!" she laughed. I look at her surprised taking my finger off her lips and asking, "Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah."I took what she just said as a challenge and I jumped onto her body making her fall back in the piles of clothes. Her hair spread out everywhere giving me a clearer and better vision of her flawless face. She smiles looking up at me and i kissed her nose, seeing that she wasn't expecting it, she blushed which i found cute.

"Alright, i think you should finish packing," I said.

"What? Don't you tease me again like that,"

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you want to kiss me, only kiss my nose and you expect me to be satisfied?"

"Oh, well well who wants to be kissed now?" i question but before she could answer i get up from the floor and hold her arm so she gets up. She ties her hair and tells me, "Get out of the room or else i'll get distracted, i'm almost done anyways."

"Okay, i'll be in the living room yeah?"

"Sure." I watched her tie her hair in a bun and grin to myself as i walk out the bedroom bigger than my whole apartment. I leave the big door open and walk into the living room where two big couches are sat in front of a flat screen TV.

"Damn..." I curse under my breathe and walk towards the big veranda door that i open by sliding it. Once my body hits the sun, i feel my whole body and scalp hair heat. It was so annoying how New York's climate can change. I stood there with my hands on my hips just looking down at the pedestrians walking and talking.

Some of them would stop to take pictures and others to show affection towards each other. I found myself staring at the cars and peoples when i started thinking about something worthy to get Eleanor.

Taking her on A date would be nice but honestly, every girl deserves some classy shit which wasn't my case to please one. A movie night ? No. A free spree at the café? hell no. I leant my inside palms on the green metal veranda barriers and realized how high this hotel room was. I kept my eyes squinted since i was outside and it was too hot for my liking like mostly every other days.

I opened the veranda door and found Eleanor walking and pacing worriedly everywhere in the living room. I got worried for her and suddenly she stopped when she saw me putting her hand on her heart near her chest, and sighed in relief loudly.

"El Love, you okay?"

"Harry where were you, you freaked the shit out of me!"

"Oh sorry i was taking some fresh air on the veranda."

"I thought you were staying in the living room."

"Yeah but no." I said walking over to her.

"Anyways i'm happy you're there,"

"Haha," I laughed cheekily.

"I'm ready to go, can you get my bags from the room, i'll call the elevator."

"Alright i'll pull in the Lobby with your things." I smiled in the peck i had gave her as she stood there and didn't kiss back, just smiled.

How More Happy could i be?

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