I Smile Again


7. Chapter 7

Sunday Morning, i woke up with Eleanor in my bed. Last night nothing happened, we opened a whine bottle and watched some TV before going to bed. I was now in the kitchen grilling some bacon in the frying pan. The delicious smell of its product had already taken the whole apartment as it wasn't an unpleasant odor to start the day.

The hot oil boiled up and roach my torso making me curse a 'shit' under my breathe. I wiped it with my finger, looking down at my tattooed stomach, the oil had left a small red mark of heat on my chest. I turned the pan off and grabbed some tissue that was laying beside me. I wiped my burnt spot and cursed another time as i watched the bacon stop swimming in the greasy golden oil.

When my bacon was in my plate, and i was seated on the small brown couch, that had a view on nothing but the TV and the big city, i waited for Eleanor to wake up. Today we were going to her hotel to get all her stuff. I was very happy that my life has re-started with Eleanor. I ate peacefully resting my feet on the low glass table in front of me. The bacon's special taste melted in the eggs i had made and both of them together was amazing. My phone had rang about two times before i picked it up, placing my plate on the low table and stretching as i answered it. I walked up to the big glass window and walked back and forth as i talked to Ryder.

"Hey, son"

"Good morning Ryder."

"Harry, thank You so much for making this all happen,"

"What did i do?"

"For accepting Eleanor, i know it's early to talk about this but i'm the most happiest man on Earth right now, you know?"

"Yes Ryder, i understand i'm very happy too."

"Is she at your place?"

"Yea, i picked her up last night, she was walking back to the hotel on the street."

"Ah ! We missed her clumsiness haven't we ?"

"Haha, yes."

"Thanks For keeping her over tonight."

"Ryder i need your permission,"

"Yes Harry?"

"Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life, can she have me, can we marry and move in together ?"

"Harry... Harry, yes please. please take her, take care of her and love her like no other woman can be loved."

"Count on me."

"Thank you Harry, i have to get going, maybe we could all three eat sometimes?"

"Yeah sure that would be lovely!"

"Alright well bye Harry."

"Bye Ryder." I took the phone far from my ear and ended the call. I watched the city one last time and sighed, Eleanor is my responsibility and i was proud about that.

About thirty minutes later, i had got bored of waiting for Eleanor so i went back in bed after washing my face and brushing my teeth. I laid on the bed near her. Her hazel hair spread on the bed's pillow and her hand roach up in front of her face. She had curled her knees just a little lower than her breast and rested peacefully. I laid next to her and took a selfie with the sleeping beauty.

'Twitter' i thought. I opened the app and tweeted :

@Harry _ Styles : Sleeping Beauty, You are Beautiful. @ElleNOR.

I smiled at the tweet and threw the phone in the bed, loosing sight of it as it got lost in the messy bed. I laid on my side and used my hands to stroke a piece of hair behind Eleanor's ear. I watched a grin being placed on her face and kiss her cheek, keeping my mouth on her cheek for a while. She turns slowly to face me as i lay back on my back. She rubs her eyes and her big blue eyes now open clearly looking into mine. I smiled and used the back of my finger to caress her cheek.

"Good morning Love."

"Hey Harry," her tired voice was so sexy.

"I've been up for about two hours waiting for you."

"You smell bacon,"

"Yeah, made some breakfast and you missed it all," i teased now cupping her cheek and rubbing her eye circles with my thumb.

"You're mean." She slightly and quietly laughed.

"You too."


"Hm." I nod.

"What did i do ?"

"You just woke up and not even a little morning kiss?"

"You just had to be patient,"

"Come here," i say wrapping my hands around her waist pulling her closer to my mouth where our lips started to connect and move in perfect sync. At this time, our legs intertwined and Eleanor gently jumped on top of me sitting on my lower body. I looked up at her and she smiled.

"Happy ?" She asks tilting her head to the side.

"More." I ordered. She bent down and connected our lips together but this time giving me small pecks instead of a sweet one.

"I love you." I said meaningfully as she pecked my lips a third time.

"Shut up and kiss me," I laughed as i flipped us over with me over Eleanor under me now and her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me down to her.

"You asked for it," i said before she stopped my lips from moving with her manicured finger.

"And i'm happy i did." She pulled me by my cross chain lower to her lips where the kisses transformed in a long, tasty and sweet kiss.

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