I Smile Again


6. Chapter 6

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I sprayed the last spray of perfume for the fifth time, on my upper neck and slipped on my blazer. I used my hands to ruffle my curls once before spraying them into place. Once Done, i grab my phone and leave the small dark apartment. I walk in the halls where many scratches were graved on the wall. I pulled my phone out of my one and only formal trouser's pocket that costed about $50 which is hell loads of money for a poor ratchet guy like me. I unlocked the phone and went to the ID : 'Eleanor ;*' I called the ID and it rang four times before that adorable voice spoke through the phone.

"Hi Harry!"

"Hey El, did you get to your hotel safely?" I asked still walking in the calm hall.

"Yes Thanks a lot, you didn't have to pay you know..."

"It's No big deal. Do you need anything ?"

"No i'm fine, i might go out with my father."

"Alright have a great night."

"Thanks Love, same for you."

"Not so sure that will happen, I'm working for a good three hours of serving and taking orders then about one hour thirty minutes of cleaning."

"I'm sorry for you honey."

"I'm just kidding, i'm used to it and i don't mind."

"That makes me happy to hear."

"I have to go, i'll call you around 11 and if we aren't too tired, we can meet yeah?"

"Yes ! So excited."

"Bye Love."

"Bye Harry Love You." I hung up and pressed the elevator button. This place was so bad quality, and it took forever to load. I had to wait a good 5 minutes before the 'Ding!' of the elevator sound appeared and the squeezed elevator opened. I hopped in it and pressed the 'L' button for 'Lobby' i waited another two minutes before reaching downstairs and getting out of the sinister looking elevator. I walked in the yet hot lobby and passed in front of the front desk where no one was standing behind it. Not surprising. I walked over to the big glass door and Evans, the doorman opened it for me.

"You look Elegant Mr.Styles." Pleased by his answer and proud i thank him and leave. Once i'm outside, the 8PM weird warmish temperature hits my skin and i walk on the streets. I walk about 5 meters only before reaching my small yet broken car. I hop in and buckle myself in before starting the engine and driving through the hot animated street in my small grey Cleo.

Once i had roach the Café, it was already nicely decorated. The tables had red rose petals around plates and scented candles in the middle. It was beautiful and so was Maia and Danielle. Maia had a knee length dress that was strapless and black, Danielle on her side just wore a long black skirt and a white sheer blouse. I waved at them as i entered the fresh Café and they waved back.

"Handsome One!" Maia says leaning on the bar counter.

"Thanks, you're not too bad." I winked and she giggled a little. I went to Danielle and gave her a kiss on the cheek as i saw she was still setting a table.

"Harry Thanks Again for coming, i know this is a grateful moment in your life and you wish you'd spend it with Eleanor but it's just that we really need you."

"Danielle, Love, it's no big deal, Eleanor is moving in with me anyways."

"Really? Aw that's so adorable Harry!" Maia joined in.

"That's good to know Harry."

"Thanks Girls. Where's Tyson?"

"Oh, he's in the kitchen... can you please keep an eye on him tonight?" Maia asked fiddling with her fingers.

"Sure." was all i said before making my way to the kitchen who smelled clean and fresh leaves. I leaned on the doorframe and watched Tyson carefully as he wiped the last place and put it in the dish-dryer.

"Handling it Big guy ?" i joke and he turns around. He was dressed in some black vans with formal trousers and a button up white shirt.

"Kind of, all i know is that it's worth it so..." he laughed.

"True that!" I laugh along with the short teen before hearing some noise from the front of the Café, i walk out and see that Danielle was hugging and greeting some people. I walk next to Maia who was about to do the same and stand there still. I watch as the short woman in the 10 inch heels , bends down to hug Maia. Her heels made her look so tall but i could picture the blonde woman without them. She looked like the Empire State Building walking. Haha Corny Joke. I see the woman come my way so i immediately plaster a smile on my face and i can feel my dimples start to show. I put my hand on the woman's shoulder before she does the same and friendly hugs me. She lets go of me and says ,"Nice to meet you, are You Harry?" how does she know me?

"Yes Nice to meet you too,"


Vanessa looked like she just turned 40 years old or in her late 45's.

"I'm Danielle's old Friend." I nod my head and smile.

"Oh Nice." I simply say before Danielle guides Vanessa's attention away from me. Maia and i walk somewhere a little further than the two women and laugh at the flirtatious blonde. A few minutes later, a chubby man shows up and waves and Maia and I who were hidden in the back. We pretend to work and wave back at the man before he takes a seat with Vanessa. They probably are together, i think.

"I'll get them, they look wealthy. Better Service, Bigger Tip." She winks and we both giggle before she straightens her dress and leaves to their table. I stand behind the bar as tonight, i serve drinks.

After some more greetings of Danielle's friends and serving a couple alcoholic drinks, it soon is already 9. It's been one hour and i was eager to sleep.

"One More strawberry Mojito." Maia says and immediately scrams out of my view as the place was really busy. I cut out a few pieces of strawberries and serve them with some mint, vodka, and tiny ice cubes. I add two thick, short and black straws to the glass before setting it on top of the bar's counter. This action repeats the whole night with a variety of orders before my stomach growls. I leave the bar, as now Maia was serving drinks. I walk into the kitchen where Tyson was adding salt to the pan with Anthony, one of the cooks, and Frederick, the other. I sit on one of the high stools in the kitchen and shake my hand back and forth for some air. It was hot in this suit, and i was really sweaty. Tonight was too busy and I wished Marco hadn't been invited or awaited.

"Ha.. Harry!?" Maia shouts at me.

"What are you doing here, come on you have to work. Just two hours and you could get home ! Hurry! Come on!" i groan in annoyance to what Maia was blurting and get up to follow her into the Café.

Two hours and thirty minutes had passed, i was driving home proud of the tips i collected. $43. How great is that? I could almost buy a new pair of trousers as those ones were old and ripped at some hidden places. The annoying part tonight and the good part as well was that it's raining. The weather is cooling but it's hard to drive without splashing anything or anyone which i felt guilty for. I had token off my blazer and threw it in the back seat. The music was low and calm. I was exhausted from the day and couldn't wait to hear from Eleanor and hop in bed.

After driving for what i would say not even ten minutes, what i had hopped least happened. I splashed someone. I quickly cursed under my breathe and rolled down my window to have a better view at the person i accidentally soaked.

"I'm really sorry." I apologize.

"It's alright... Harry?" the voice sounded confused.

"El love ? Are you okay?" I ask worriedly as i figured out it was Eleanor.

"Yah, i'm just a little cold."

"Hop in!"

"No Harry i can't..."

"Come on." I insist before she opens the front passenger car door and puts one leg in at the time. Once she's fully in the car with the door closed, i hand her my blazer that she quickly accepts and wears. It was baggy on her but she looked adorable.

"Why were you walking alone?" I asked confused and worried.

"I had dinner with my father and i was walking back to the hotel as i forgot my wallet to pay a taxi cab."

"Next time i want you to call me okay? Don't walk alone in the dark New York cities late at night."


"No darling it's fine don't worry about it but just don't make that happen."


"So how was dinner ?" i ask starting the car again and driving in the dark street.

"It was nice and casual, we had some italian food and then we talked a bit more, then i told him that i was finally moving in with you and he was very happy to hear that."

"You're dad is an amazing man, and plus he's wrapped around your finger like strings on a guitar."

"He loves you Harry, he knows that you can take good care of me and not let me down."

"He is completely right about that." I heard her small giggle and i smiled to the fact of what i said. I smiled because i was right. I can take care of Eleanor like no other man could ever.

When we arrived, I quickly hopped out of my car as it was still raining and jogged in front of the car to Eleanor's door. I opened it taking her hand for support so she could get up and walk in those beautiful heels she wore. Her hair was wet and her dress too, making it stick on her and showing off her beautiful body features. I laced my fingers with her and honestly i did feel goosebumps and shivers. We thrifted through a few puddles before reaching the big glass door where Evans was standing still not one single droplet on his clothes. He had an umbrella over his old face and smiled to our sight.

"Good evening Mr. Styles,"

"Evans, This is Eleanor, Eleanor this is a good old friend of mine, Evans."

The two shook hands and Eleanor and i walked hand in hand to the creepy elevator.

As soon as we got in, our fingers still warmly laced, Eleanor broke the silence.

"This is a normal place, why do you make it sound so awful,"

"I don't know i guess i thought it wasn't your style."

"Harry come on, i like it. It looks cozy and cute." I nodded and smiled at her adorableness and positivity. The elevator's annoying 'Ding!' sound singed and the two sliding doors opened. I felt Eleanor's body come closer to me as a few drunk men walked in the small hallway. I held her hand tightly making sure they wouldn't ACCIDENTALLY touch her or make it look like an accident.

"Nothing's Wrong El, you're safe with me." She nods and unlaces our fingers to wrap her small hand around my big manly like waist. Me, on the other side, i wrap my hand around her neck. She is Safe with me and i wanted her to know that.

I opened the apartment door, my keys making an annoying sound while they wiggle. I unlock the door and turn on the lights to my small flat. I let Eleanor enter the apartment scared that she doesn't like it.

"Are You kidding me!?" She gasps with her mouth wide open.

"What's wrong ?" I ask taking the blazer she was handing me and hanging it on the coat hanger near the door.

"This place is perfect Harry, i love it. It's cozy looking and perfect thank you so much!"

Wow. Did she actually say what she just said?

"I'm glad you like it" i smile proudly.

"I love it, seriously," She opens her arms and turns around the room like a little girl spinning in confetti. She fell on my couch and i giggle at how cute she looked.

"You're adorable."

"Thanks Styles." She laughs.

"Mrs. Lutes, if you want to change, i have some clothes that could fit you." She laughs and i leave her opening the black door that i left open if Eleanor wanted to come in. I sat on the bed, since my jeans weren't as wet as my hair, and slid off my boots. I placed them near my bedside table and took my shirt off. I threw it on the floor not bothering to clean and changed into a pair of gray jogging pants and a white t-shirt. I shook my head to make the water sprinkle a little in the room. Once i felt comfortable, i walked back to the living room, my bare feet feeling numb on the cold parqueted floor.

Before i could reach the kitchen, i stopped in the living room to check up on Eleanor. I opened the door and found that she was staring out the window. Her damp hair fell over to her waist over her lower back and her white knee-length dress sticked less than before.

I walked to her and wrapped my hands around her waist kissing her cheek. I could see that it kind of surprised her and that her cheeks grew very pink on her pale skin, she didn't move though. I admired the city from the highway view with my love in my hands. She let go of my grip which brought me to wonder if she felt uncomfortable with me. Instead, i was pleased because she just closed the big wooly and thick beige curtains.

"Where can i change ?" She smiled.

"In our room, right there." I pointed at the door that led to OUR room. She came my way and kissed my cheeks, while she stood on the tip if her toes so she could reach my tall figure. I smiled and watched her go into the room. My stomach growled right when the door closed and that reminded me that i was craving for some reheated noodle soup. I ruffled my hair with my hands as i made my way into the kitchen. I couldn't stop smiling, as i was so happy that Eleanor actually likes my flat. Our Flat. I opened one of the high cupboards and took out a carton of chicken noodle soup that directly placed in the microwave and set it to three minutes. I sat at the small table for four and took my phone out, for the time being. I had one missed called from Maia which surprised me because there was no reason i was expecting. I went on 'Myaah' And called the ID. It rang just twice before she answered her phone.

"Hey Harry i tried calling,"

"That's why i called back, is everything fine?"

"Yeah just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is Sunday which means you have one shift but mom said you don't have to come, Marco will catch up on you."

"Oh shit, i didn't even know i had a shift."

"You would have one if you didn't come tonight."

"Alright thanks Maia for letting me know, I'm with Eleanor."

"Oh cool ! Tell her i say Hi and no problem, sleep tight Haz."

"Bye Maia." I hung up and at the same time, the sound of my noodles started to ring. I put my phone in the back pocket of my jogging pants and opened up the microwave.

The smell of the delicious

noodles filled the whole kitchen including Eleanor, as she came in the room smiling. She looked absolutely adorable in my baggy black shirt and booty shorts. Yes i have booty Shorts. Problem ? Nah Bitch Nah. Haha.

"Smells nice, But i'm gonna puke." she laughed.

"What? that was so ironic!"

"I know, it smells good but my dad stuffed me up too much."

"More noodles for me." She laughed and sat her self on the kitchen counter swinging her legs. I took the sticks to eat my noodles and put them on the side. I walked over to the counter which was right in front of me.

Eleanor opened up her legs for entrance and i quickly entered. She wrapped her legs around my waist and cupped my face. I felt the heat rise up on both of our bodies but all i wanted was her lips. She tilted her face to the side, making all her hair slide and fall to the side. I cupped one of her cheeks and looked deeply into her eyes. We kept coming closer our foreheads even touching until her phone started to ring. She giggled and i just heavily breathed out on her face. I left the counter and took my noodles. I was really disappointed as i so badly wanted to kiss Eleanor. She hopped off the counter and walked out the kitchen as she started talking to the person on the other line. I ate my noodles calmly walking behind her as we both went to sit on the couch. She was talking about some job hooking. I sat criss crossed facing Eleanor as she sat criss crossed facing and smiling at me. She finished the phone call with a "Alright Thanks Bel Bye,... yes on Thursday." She hang up and threw her phone on the table which surprised me because it could have break.

She held my noodle box out of my hands and put it on the low table near her phone, without hesitating of my choice. She looked deeply in my eyes and i didn't hesitate, i cupped her face in both my hands pulling her closer to me and crashing my lips onto hers. Wow. This feeling i have fucking been waiting for came back. That taste of hers never left those rose colored lips she had. I sucked on her lower lip as her hand held the one that cupped her cheek. She rubbed my knuckles with her palm and kissed back. I let go of her lips sadly and looked at her piercing blue eyes.

"I'm Sorry Babe, i've just missed those lips."

"You think i haven't ? I love your lips like no one else,"

"Im craving for them right now," i teased biting my lower lip as i touched hers with my finger.

"Don't bit your lip that way," she begged, "It makes me want them!!"

I laughed and replied ,"What are you waiting for then?"

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