I Smile Again


5. Chapter 5

Today was Saturday, i had token already 12 orders and served 5 people. I was taking about 7 more orders before being on my first shift break.

"Here you Go." The fat bald man smiled at me showing the five upper teeth he barely had. His lips were dry and wrinkly. I took the $2 tip he had in his big hands and slipped it in the black apron. I walked back to the podium at the entrance of the Café and welcomed two people. There was a woman who's face was full of makeup and a younger boy around my age or younger. I smiled at them and led them to a further table in front of the bar where a two seat table as free. Once they were seated, i handed the long-clawed woman the menu as i did to the blond shy boy who sat in front of her.

"Will you guys chose now ?" I ask.

"To drink first." The woman said keeping her eyes fixed on the menu.

"Alright what can i get you?"

"One Cherry Coke for me." The boy said playing with his phone barely paying attention to me.

"And a Castle Beer for me," The woman now smiled at me finally and i heard my name being called. I nodded to the people at the table and set the menus on the bar counter telling Maia what the woman and her son, i guess, wanted. She told me that Danielle was waiting for me in the office. I nod and walk into the office where Danielle was sitting in front of the big screen computer.

"Dan ?" I ask trying to get her attention.

She looks up at me and smiles.

"Hey Harry, i needed to see you. Sit down." What was that about, i thought. I sat there worried about what i did or what was wrong.

"Tonight would you take Marco's shift please? You could have an hour break instead of 30 minutes." She smiled hesitantly at me. I wouldn't mind a bit compared to everything she does for me.

"Yah Danielle, of course, sure." I nod and smile to her showing off one of my dimples.

"And try to dress a little more classical, we are having the special 'couple night' tonight like every beginning of December."

Right, every beginning of December we would have a special couple night for every one who wants to go out with their dates on a romantic night out.

"Thanks, And Tyson will be helping to serve, he really needs allowance." we both laughed at his failed lazy attempt to receiving an allowance. I got up from the chair in front of the desk and found my way to the coat hanger where i untied my black cloth apron and name tag. I straightened out my white shirt and pulled up my skinny jeans. I walked out of the office where Danielle was now phoning someone. I went back to the restaurant area and sat at the back of the bar where Maia was making a beer in front of me. She looked exhausted from making drinks non stop. She gave it to Marco who was a server at the Café too. She turned around to find me sitting the stool near the trash can where she threw a couple of empty soda cans. She ran a finger through her fringe and retied her ponytail higher. My phone buzzed in my pocket and disturbed my observation.

"Hey Harry!"

"Oh hello there,"

"What You doing?"

"Nothing much, on my first shift break and you?"

"Walking around New York, i miss you."

"I miss you too babe." I heard her silent giggle through all the noise that was going on in the busy Café.

"Since You don't sound too busy, maybe we can see each other ?"

"Yeah, that sounds lovely."

"Where exactly are you?" As much as i know her, i knew she was looking around her to find some sort of monument.

"I'll just meet you in front of the Café okay?"

"Alright Bye. Love You."

She giggles and hangs up.

About Twenty Minutes later, I was walking hand in hand in the hot city of New York before sitting down on a bench in the middle of the streets with Eleanor. Her long wavy hair blew in the light summer breeze and her big blue eyes shone. She was an angel sent from heaven. She was beautiful and i was happy to be her fiancé. We have been talking about the incident a little more and she has told me that she met her father and how emotional the moment was. we talked about all the other things that happened to us while we were far away from each other and apparently she is looking for a job in management, like she has always dreamed to do.

"You had fun without me huh ?" i tease her while she giggles and playfully punches my arm. I wrap my arm around her shoulder pulling her closer into my side and her leaning her head into my chest. I play with her hair by twirling its ends and then letting them go.

"What are you doing tonight?" she asks me.

"I have to take a shift at the Café tonight what about you ?"

"I'll stay at my hotel and pick up some lunch there."

"Babe ?"

"yes ?"

"i hate the fact that you're far away from me everyday."

"i don't appreciate that either you know,"

"Weren't you supposed to come to my apartment ? or should i say our apartment?"

She leans up from my chest and looks at me with wide eyes.

"What!?" she asks.

"Yes. Yes i want you at my house, our house."

"Harry... i,"

"Why if you were still alive you didn't come to the apartment?"

"You forgot already? You wanted to make it a surprise, you didn't give me the address or anything because you'd thought i'd search images on internet."

"Oh well when i think about it, there's nothing much to surprise you with."

"Harry," she said in a warning tone.

"What?" I laughed at her

"Harry you know i love you and i know what you're thinking!"

"What am i thinking then?"

"That i'm not happy because you aren't the wealthiest man,"

"Exactly, unlike all your ex's."

"All my ex's were douches and didn't know how to spend their money properly. I love you and remember how happy i was when you told me we were moving in together." I chuckled at the memory of how her face had lit up and how her voice pitched high.

"Okay but you're moving in with me for sure. This is was how everything was planned."

"Of course Love. We will move in together and get married."

"I love You."

"Me more. It's getting hot and i'm tired."

"Alright, i'll get you inna cab to your hotel, get your things ready and come to my house tomorrow okay?"

"Sure, i'm excited to be with you for the rest of my life."

"And also tomorrow i have nothing planned so we could stay at my flat and cuddle."

"Harry you make me so happy."

"Eleanor, You make me who i am." I kissed her forehead and got off the bench to stop a cab for Eleanor. It was now all clear and set, she was living with me.

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