I Smile Again


4. Chapter 4

When i entered the actual Café's restaurant, I froze. My heart stopped beating, my body didn't move and my eyes didn't blink for a second or so. I watched the perfectly alined silhouette standing there watching me carefully. Danielle was on my side as the café was closed. The messy bun that bounced on her flawless face made her look beautiful effortlessly. Her green-y blue-y eyes sparkled and her lips parted. I came back to my realization when the average sized body ran towards me. I opened my arms to her and she crashed her body onto mine. My grip around her waist was tight, very tight. I let a tear slide down my cheek as i was shocked. I've missed her body, her smell, everything, just i've missed HER. She snaked my neck with her hands and rested her small head into my chest. I kissed her scalp, not forgetting the smell of her vanilla-strawberry shampoo. She pulled back, my arms still around her waist and her hands now resting on my chest. I looked deep in her orbs as she looked as shocked as i was.

"Harry, this is you," she touched my cheek and stroke it with the back of her finger wiping away my joy tears.

"Yes love, it's me. I've missed you So much." She nods and leans on her tippy toes to kiss my cheek. The sensation i haven't been feeling in a while came back. Shivers ran all over my body and my legs felt weak. Her smooth lips, how i wanted to kiss them. So badly. She lets go of me and looks around the room where she had apparently met with Danielle. She pulls the siblings in a group hug as they are all so happy.

"Maia! Tyson! I've missed you both so much,"

"We are all so so happy you're back. Are you safe ?" Maia asks.

"Yes i am. I'm very happy that Harry is alright and he still works here."

"You know, Harry was desperate every single day without you." Maia admits. I couldn't take that back as it was completely true.

I watched each and every move Eleanor made before coming my way. It's crazy how she is beautiful. She walked towards me with a small grin forming on her plump lips that i couldn't wait to kiss. Her heels slowly and gently clicked on the beige tiled floor and her excess hair bounced on her small heart-shaped face.


"Yes Love ?"

"Can we please talk ?"

I turn for accordance from Danielle who's eyes were full of joy. She nods and leads Tyson and Maia back in the kitchen. I sit at the table for two right behind me, but before, i push back the chair which was now being sat by Eleanor. I sit my turn in front of her, and hold her cold frail hands. She smiles and rubs my knuckles. I kiss each of her knuckles slowly making her cheeks tint a red or rosebushes. She smiles and chuckles at my cheekiness.

"Harry" She looks at me. Her light colored eyes look deeply in mine as her lips part.

"Harry, I'm sorry. When i got back from the hospital,"

"Hospital?" i quickly interrupt.

"I've had a couple heart attacks, and it was hard for me to find a place where to stay, to find money, you know, i had no one but that didn't stop me from thinking about you every second," i could feel her eyes watery. I used my thumb to wipe her warm tears mixed with a little of her makeup and face products.

"Sh, babe, it's alright. You know, my couple months without you have been horrible, if you haven't come today, i would be taking my shift and be thinking about you nonstop. Today we are November 29th and it's almost one year since i thought i lost you. I'm with you now and you know you have me. Don't cry, it's normal, i've missed you and i'm the one that should be crying of joy babe. The most important is that we are together right?"

"You're right. I'm so happy to be with you Harry. I love You." I lean myself on the table over the plates and silverware. I kiss her cheek feeling her frail porcelain cheek redden up. The light smell of "Dior" comes back to my senses and she smiles at me. I get up and push back her chair, holding on her hand so she gets up.

"Harry, You've changed so much in such a short amount of time, in the good way of course," she laughs and it dissolves into small giggles as i gave her a 'poker face'.

"How did i change !?" i laugh along.

"You've become a better person than you were before."

"I love You."

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