I Smile Again


3. Chapter 3

The keys jiggled in my hands as i unlocked the Café's door. I walked through it, hearing some singing. My smile was as wide, from ear to ear, it was all Eleanor's effect on me. I walked behind the counter and into the kitchen where a happy Maia was swiping the floor while singing to 'Wings' from this british girls-band. I smiled at her silliness, and as i figured out she didn't notice me, i walk to the stereo and lower its volume. I lean my back on the counter and cross my hands in front of my chest. Maia smiled before chuckling and setting the broom near the wall.

"Wow!" i chuckle and clap my hands.

"Silly! Why are you so happy today?" she asks walking towards me.

"I couldn't be happier Mai, never could i be."


"Yesterday Eleanor called me."

Maia froze, her jaw dropping. She put her hands on her hips and managed her words out.


"Eleanor is in life !! Eleanor is not dead, she is not fucking dead !"

"But... but what about her tomb?"

"It was a fake body apparently. I can't be happier i swear. Maybe it's luck, i don't know but it's just such an amazing day!" i smiled widely and saw that Maia's face lit up. I knew she was happy for me, and i was thankful. I wrapped my hands on the upper back of Maia as her hands circled my neck. She squealed in excitement as her head nuzzled in my chest.

"I'm so happy Maia, so happy. I have never felt this way for a while you know," she nods and taps my chest before walking towards her broom. I watch each and every step of the brunette as she was aiming me. She threw a towel at me and bursts in laughter as i do too. Her big blue orbs get watery and her stomach gets covered by her hands. She leans over and i find myself doing the same. The door cracked opened to reveal a tired-looking Danielle. Her white shirt covered by her tight black apron, shows off her chubby curves. She walks towards Maia and then looks at me.

"What's all the excitement for?"

"Eleanor." I say , "Eleanor is visiting the Café today."

"What? How is this possible..."

"Eleanor is not dead !!" Maia exclaims watching her mother smile as widely as mine. She covers her mouth as her jaw drops. Her big body stumbles over to me and her arms open pulling me into a tight and warm hug. She lets go of me and my hands are still wrapped around her bug waist. Her hands resting on my chest, i watch her small brown eyes get watery.

"i'm very happy for you." She says.

"Thank You, thank you so much Dani for ..."

"Harry. I'm here for this right?"

"Right." I nod and smile before she taps my chest one just the way Maia did and lets go of me.

"Alright you two, get to work, i'll be in the office." We both answer "Yeah" and i follow Maia who was also following Danielle. We al got into the office to get our name tags and aprons. Once we look presentable, our shifts start. I walk to Maia who was holding one tray in hand and adding little salt and peppers to it.

"Maia can you even imagine how happy i feel?"

"Yes i can. I'm very happy myself, did you call her father?"

Oh Shit. I completely forgot.

"Oh no, not yet. They'll probably meet and she'll tell him everything."

"Alright. You got lucky Harry just remember that. You got very lucky."

"I can't wait to see her and squeeze that small body she has."

"Alright well get to work!" She chuckles and chases me as she continues to 'garnish' her round black tray. I looked out the glass door, waiting for some customers. Today the weather was nice. I had walked from my apartment and felt the weather not too cold or not too hot. New York was even calm today which in my opinion was surprising. A couple of women walked with a few shopping bags of high brands in each hand, and men in suits and ties. The city was rich and expensive, people would spend their money like i would go to bathroom. I was just some random boy that had a small apartment in the middle of New York, and that worked in my aunt's Café. Nothing interesting. The Café door opened and was entered by a kind looking man. His elegant tie sinked down in his black suit who read the brand 'Boggi Milano' I greeted him and led the well-looking man to a table for two near the entrance where he had a nice low view of the city. I smiled as he returned the favor and took out my notepad along with a pen from my apron pocket.

"What could i get you?"

"A glass of water and a club sandwich please." I nodded and asked ,"Anything else?"

"No thanks."

"It'll be here in 15 minutes." He nods and i leave to the back of the kitchen.

Two and a half hours later, i'm on my break for the first shift. Here i am sitting down in the kitchen talking to Tyson who was back from school. I had told him all about the 'Eleanor Calling Me' story and i could tell he was more shocked than me. Whenever Tyson was back from school and that he came to the Café, we would hang out and talk about little things.

"Yes Definitely Haha !" He laughed at loud at the joke i had told, making his sister curious about what's going on.

"Harry told me all about the day that you and Ashton got caught making out at his grandma's asylum!? Who does that.... haha!" He laughed and i chuckled along with him. I raised my cheap $10 watch to my eyes and checked the time. 7:45. Oh no, Eleanor must be here in a while, i could feel my heart starting to beat really fast at the thought of finally being with her.

"Eleanor won't be long." I say to the two siblings fighting about some stupid argument.

"I can't wait to see her!!" Tyson says raising his voice in excitement sounding like a little 6 year old girl.

"I could defiantly say the same!" Maia exclaimed. We chatted along casually going into some conversation but my heart was beating faster than when i had received that call from her. Danielle came into the kitchen placing a huge grin on her small face. I looked up at her and she said ,"Harry, there's someone for you."

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