I Smile Again


23. Chapter 21!!!!! :)))

Harry's POV :

"Can we know what happened?" A short, but chubby dark man asked clenching his fists and setting them in his large wobbly waist.

"This man... here agressed the clerk!" a voice behind me shouted. A few people wandered around Eleanor, Amy, and I. Sweated rolled down my face in anger and guilt.

"Did you?" The police officer asked me.

"No sir," i said trying to keep my temper calm.

"Yes he did! and now he's lying, he deserves a huge punishement!" Amy shouted in her new yorkan accent. I clenched my jaw, biting hard on my own teeth, arms folded, and my head facing down.

"Were you here When all this happened?" the man asked Eleanor who was biting on her manicured nails hard.

"euh... I.. i was there, and..."

"and what happened?" the man severely asked.

"The clerk, accused my fiancé of poor, and recognized who i was... then he...he got mad and asked her to repeat what she had said... but then since she was eager in calling the cops for some unknown reasons, this is the non-sensed reason why you're here today sir,"

Oh. My. God. Eleanor. She saved me.

The police officer sighed and let his hands fall free. He looked at all of us, some of us innocents, and then looked away thinking deeply.

"What I resume, is that, you Mr. , have to pay a bill of $20, for threatning a woman," he said now with a smile, which didn't suit him.

"Are you kidding me..." i was quickly interrupted by Eleanor stepping in front of me.

"Okay Sir. Thank You very Much, just send the bill to 'Vogue Agency', at my office next week, we'll send it back to you, paid and signed."

"Thank You for your positive response, Mrs. and You," he pointed at me. "the second time a woman, is physically or verbally involved with you, trouble is what you'll be in, and a big one," Was all the grumpy man said before he left in his red,blue, black, and white signaling NYC Police Department cab.

"Are You Okay?" Eleanor asked, looking a little annoyed. I bit my lip and nod.

"Let's pay and leave this fucking hell," I say madly and follow Eleanor.


Once in the car, There was no news on the radio. No music. No talking. It was a silent ride home in a busy town. I took this time to think through what just happened. Thank god i didn't physically abused her, or touch her, because i would have been in huge trouble and Eleanor would've hated me for that, more than I would. That could be terrible, but what just happened was as bad, as bad as the cops coming to calm me down.

I looked at her. She was calm and frail. She looked out the window, her eyes squinted while her inner palms rested flat on her thighs who calmly sat. She was probably afraid or scared of me now, i don't know why. But i had a feeling she was, and hopefully it could quickly fade away.

"Holy Shit!"

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