I Smile Again


2. Chapter 2

Alright guys, just a quick update, sorry if this is short. I'll try to make the third chapter better. Enjoy xx.

"Who is it?" i asked really worried.

"Harry... please don't be mad... please...." The feminine voice spoke.

"Talk!" i started getting angry a d worried.

"It's Me Eleanor, i...i'm so sorry..." the sobbing on the other line was getting heavy and loud. Eleanor? Fuck. I wanted to jump off the 16th floor.

"Eleanor !!?!? Eleanor Lutes!?" I asked jumping off the couch and running a hand through my hair. I walk in the room completely devastated with my heart beating faster than it could usually take.

"Harry let me explain," I tried to calm myself down. Maybe i was just dreaming and it was no use to be angry because i would wake up in a heartbeat. I let a loud sigh escape my lips and nod forgetting she couldn't see me.

"Harry, when i crashed... the, the ambulance took the wrong body. I tried calling... no answer. I didn't have numbers. I was left alone in the middle of nowhere, i had fainted a couple times but thankfully some emergency found me and brought me to New York. I'm currently living in a hotel since i have no big cash to afford an apartment. I couldn't be happier that you picked up the phone, i knew you would. i need you... i always did and always will... I love You Harry." Those words broke my heart, i wish this is all true honestly. Tears started to escape my tired eyes making my mood drop. I tried to calm myself down. I walked in my dark living room wiping my face with my hands and breathing out a couple times.

"Eleanor, i love you. All this time you were here? on Earth? Alive? i met your father yesterday and..." i was quickly cut off.

"My father !?" excitement build in her voice. I missed this so much. I smiled widely from ear to ear, my heart beating normally and my brain now, realizing everything.

"Yes, Ryder Lutes."

"Where is he !?"

"I think he also lives in an apartment in the ghetto places..."


"Yes ?"

"I've missed you. So Much. And i'm sorry for being so stupid, careless and ignorant. Am i still your soon-to-be bride?" I froze. My future wife, Eleanor, the one i truly deeply love was the one talking on the other line. Oh my...

"Yes ! Yes Babe ! Yes You are i think about you every day and night, desperate to see you, why when i have the chance to, you won't be mine?"

She chuckled a bit ,"I have to meet my father and mostly you."

"I have to meet you too."

"Bye Harry, i love you so much."

"Goodbye Eleanor, how about we meet at 'Danielle's Café'?"

"Are you serious !?"

"What ?"

"You still work there?"

"Yes. "

"I would love to see Tyson, Maia and Danielle!"

"Tomorrow at 8?"

"Yes, thank you my love."

"I have to go, i love you."

With that, she hung up leaving me as frightened and scared as hell. Tomorrow i was meeting the love of my life again. I have been waiting a lot of months and now it's not fake, it's really happening.

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