I Smile Again


20. Chapter 19

OMG guys i'm super duper sorry for the long hanging cliff but now i'm back and active so enjoy !!

When we arrived to the party, well suited, in fine clothes, cameras and flashes blinded us. Harry's hand was placed on my lower back where a thin white fabric was, also known as my beautiful silk touch dress. We walked on the small stairs through the swarming ambiance making our way inside the lounge. It was more calm than outside but it was still a talkative area where women and men well fitted had champagnes in hands and were chatting along. I turned around to look at Harry who looked amazed.

"You alright?"


"You don't look like it,"

"I don't even know why we're here,"

"It's for Mr. Malik's wife,"

"Oh yeah, that woman."

"Just try to speak elegantly and maturely,"

"what do you mean?"

"don't be a sweetheart and act like a man," i smiled and he did as well before lacing our fingers together. We walked together towards the bar where classy waiters stood. We were quickly blocked when Louis popped out of nowhere to my face, and i could feel Harry come to my side.

"You came!" Louis squealed.

"It was a last minute invitation,"

"Yes i know, Nikki couldn't find a dress where her stomach won't show much,"

"did you help her?" i asked.

"Yea, Louis is the superman!"

"Haha, anyways is Norah here ?"

"Yes Obviously, and Nikki too,"


"Hi Harry!" Louis says directing his attention towards Harry who had a smile on his face before shaking Louis' hand.

"Hey Mate,"

"Hey Harry, how have you been doing?"

"Great, thanks,"

"Let's go get a drink shall we?"

"Sure," Harry said before looking down at me his curls shaking. I smiled and nod before he leant down and pecked my lips. Louis smiled and i watched the two boys disappear in the crowd closer to the bar. I suddenly felt an arm grab and pull me. I looked up and saw a beautiful woman. Curly very curly, hair with big brown orbs and a flawless face with a chubby body. A smile grew widely on my face and i circled my arms around the pregnant Nikki.

"Good evening El!! it's been a while yeah?"

"Yeah loads, i missed you!!"

"Same, and the baby has been kicking so much!"

"Louis told me you're going on your fifth month in not too long?"

"He's right,"


"Why Thank You," i said faking a very deep british accent and laughing with the elegant lady.

"If you need me, i'll be with Mrs. Perrie Edwards."

"Alright, i'll find Mr. Malik, we had to talk and then i'll join you?"


I walked towards the bar in the crowded room to find sight of Harry but instead, i only caught action of a hand pulling me. I turned my back and into the loud music and crowded ambiance i could clearly see the frightening face.

"You came?" he asked. I looked in his eyes in annoyance.

"Yes, Yes i did,"

"I'm happy you did,"

"Okay," i uncomfortably said as his thumb rubbed my elbow that he held in his warm hands.

"Are you alone?"

"I'm here with Harry,"


"My Fiancé," with my words, his hand left my heavy elbow making me sigh and he smiled.

"Show him to me,"

"I came here to see Your Wife, you show her to me," i said defiantly.

"Alright, Alright," he said laughing awkwardly and walking away with me following behind, in the swarmed crowd. He led us into a small area where many important looking people were sitting on a couch. Mr. Malik walked in his tight but elegant and high-branded suit towards a beautiful, i mean, beautiful blonde lady who was chatting along. I stood in front of the couch and Mr. Malik, Zayn, took her hand. She narrowed her attention towards him.

"Hey Love," she said.

"I have to make you meet someone doll," he told her. I furrowed my eyebrows, doll? no woman should be called this way, i thought to myself.

"Yes sure," She told Zayn and waved bye to her friend before standing up and clicking towards me. Her hair was nicely in a braided bun and her makeup was flawless. She smiled to me as her purple lips pursed i smiled back shaking her warm hand.

"Hi, I'm Perrie Edwards, well Malik now," she laughed and i faked a laugh as well.

"Nice to meet you, my cousin's a big fan,"

"Lovely to know. What's your name?"

"I'm Eleanor, i work with your husband for next month's magazine,"

"Yes i know, all about it,"


"Have you come in alone?"

"My fiancé is..."

"Is here," Harry quickly interrupted, placing a hand on my back and standing next to me flashing a smile to Perrie. He shook her hand and then Zayn's.

"Mr. and Mrs. Malik, this is Harry, Harry this is Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, well Malik now,"

"Nice to meet you," Harry politely said.

"It's a pleasure as well," They both said with a bright happy face.

"Anyways! we aren't here to talk about work and discuss things, we have to party!!" Perrie said and we all chuckled before Harry and i watched Zayn lead Perrie to the dance floor. I turned around in Harry's arms and looked at him smiling.

"Thanks for acting professional," i said.

"No problem, but do you know in what i'm a serious professional ?" he asked teasing me.

"Not sure i do,"

"In dancing," he said laughing.

"Oh my.. no Harry you aren't!" i laughed silently.

"But you still love to dance with me,"

"Did i say i didn't?"


"Why sure love," And we danced all night to the best song ever.

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