I Smile Again


19. Chapter 18

"Bye Guys, Have A nice Sunday,"

"Bye Harry," Maia said.

"Bye You," Jemima said with a wink which i ignored completely.

"Bye dude,"

I swayed the door open with my shoulder and my body was revealed to the finally small but thin air of New York. I could feel my sweat drying on my face and my eyes squinting creating wrinkles by my eyes.

My phone rang in my pocket and with a smile on my face, i took it out expecting it was Eleanor. It wasn't. It was Louis. Still smiling, as Louis was a nice dude. I answered the phone and not in my surprise, he sounded happy.

"Hey Dude,!"

"Hi Louis, it's been a while, you said you'd call me."

"Yes sorry but i'm calling now,"

"What's up?"

"I can't seem to get Eleanor on the phone, i just wanted to know if Nikki and i could like have a double date with you guys once,"

"Ah Louis, well i'll call you back to let you know. I have to talk to Eleanor about it but i wouldn't mind though,"

"Okay sure, thanks Harry and sorry for disturbing,"

"It's no deal, bye,"

"See ya," i hang up. Louis was such an outgoing guy and he was loyal. Very Loyal. I slowed down my pace, to start thinking through. Its been awhile since i found Eleanor, and i couldn't be happier i swear, but she never gave me the time alone to sit down peacefully and just think through all my problems. Before, it was my routine. My daily basis. First of all, that road trip i talked about, where will i find a car? Money for the tickets, hotel and stops? this is confusing.

After thinking and clearing my mind, i had arrived to my apartment that was just 500 meters.

"Good afternoon Mr. Styles," Evans greeted.

"Good morning Evans, have we got any mails?"

"Yes. Well, we may have something for Mrs. We were going to send it upstairs,"

"Just give it to me,"

"Yes Sir," I entered the warm room and followed Evans. He stood behind the reception where a bunch of lockers were. He opened one where "Styles" was written on, and gave me the thin envelope.

"Mr. Styles, should we make a locker for Mrs.?"

"No, unless if you really need too, go under the name of 'Mrs. Styles'."

"Congratulations," Evans smiled and i giggled silently before waving a good-bye and heading to the old elevator.

I unlocked open the white, well it used to be white, door. The voice of Eleanor echoed the apartment, led by her small body walking back and forth with a smile spread across her face. I put the keys in the key-bowl and took off my boots placing them at the entrance. Not wanting to interrupt Eleanor's happy conversation, i walked straight to the kitchen where i grabbed a chocolate bar and a water bottle. The cold water glided down my throat and my sweat decreased. I breathed loudly and started to munch on my chocolate bar.

Halfway through it, Eleanor entered the kitchen with an oversized t-shirt and leggings. How cute. Her hair was in a messy bun but strands of it in her face.

"You're Here!" she squealed and sat on the table right next to me, as i had to look up to see her face.

"I am," i smile.

"I have great great news !!" she said excitedly and put the phone down to clap her hands.

"What makes you so happy?"

"I just had a phone call,"


"Gemma !!!!"

I choked on my chocolate bar and looked up in disgust at her.


"Harry," she huffed down.

"Eleanor i do not want to hear about Gemma,"

"Oh come on! You guys had this fight like two years ago..."

"Eleanor, No."

"Yes Harry Yes, she's your sister!"

"I don't give a fuck! She ruined my life," i raised my voice which was stupid. This was bad.

"She didn't! Now calm down,"

"what did she want anyways," I lowered my voice as Eleanor got scared.

"She...she's coming to New York."

"Great." i said so sarcastically.

"I proposed something to her and she gladly accepted,"

"What? What did you propose?!"

"That she comes over to our apartment !"

My face grew red, veins popping on my neck and anger boiling in my eyes.

"She won't make a fucking step here,"

"Yes Harry she will, she is your sister and you got mad because you care for her so be happy that it's over and now you will pass some time with her,"

"Eleanor you don't and you won't understand,"

"Harry, i don't care, i really don't care if she sleeps with any guy but i care for you, for your temper." She said hopping off the table and looking at me who was standing up in front of her. She cane closer to my lips but i quickly rejected her. I was mad. Eleanor can't invite who she wants at the apartment, i'm not the richest or either the most handsome.

"Ha..Harry?" i brushed past her and made my to the room where i roughly ripped off my shirt cursing a couple times under my breathe. I threw my back on the bed at looked at the ceiling with my hands laying on my flat tattooed stomach. I closed my eyes and soon realized that sleep has taken over me.

Eleanor's POV :

I heard noise. He was probably awake and was going to continue screaming. Who cares? I continued applying the mascara to my lashes watching how it sinks in. I held back the tears that wanted to be set free, back in my pupils. Tonight we were invited. Harry and I. Ie saw the envelope Harry brought upstairs and it said that there was a cocktail reception at the 'Malik Enterprise'. Mr. Malik was having a small cocktail party in the even of his wife visiting New York.

I heard the door open but i kept my eyes fixed on the mirror not caring about a fucking hot looking Harry in the background. I saw him at the corner of my eyes ruffling his curls the way i loved. He then scowled looking at the mirror standing awkwardly next to me and bit his lip. How he turned me on. I closed my eyes to apply some eyeshadow on my lids. I brushed the soft brush n my lid applying the shimmery gold on my skin. I felt hands wrapped around my waist, hopefully they were Harry's. Duh Eleanor, who else was here with me!? Haha. Not funny.

"You don't need makeup, you're already beautiful," he kissed my shoulders slightly sucking on it making me blush a light pink tint.


"Eleanor, i had a dream during my nap. We started a family tree," i froze at his words i put my mascara down and looked at him through the mirror.

"i'm sorry for earlier today, Gemma and i have always been good siblings and you're right. I'll make up with her and she's welcomed home," i smiled. Harry was really sweet for what he said.

"Thanks Harry but we seriously need to talk about this, you can't stay mad at someone for more than a year now can you?"

"Don't bother helping us Eleanor,"

"What does that mean?"

"That means that maybe Gemma has something to say, and i will be happy to hear her excuses,"

"You have to excuse yourself too,"

"She's the one who slept with a punk!"

"Harry, calm down stop getting so high-tempered for everything that doesn't please you,"

"Our mom died i have to take care of her,"

"What about Robin? Can you just think about yourself for once?"

"Robin isn't the nicest model to her,"

"You aren't either Harry,"


"Because you scream at her for sleeping with men,"

"That's what a brother should do!"

"She's older than you and that guy is her husband so chill!"

"I didn't go to their wedding and for me that ass whole isn't hers,"

"Well she's his,"

"We aren't going to argue about them,"

"So just calm yourself down and let Gemma live her life please Harry,"

"Let's not mind her. You're right,"


"Now why are you dressed this chic? any reason?"

"We are invited at a cocktail party, so let go of me and get ready,"

"i have one trouser that's ripped,"

"just wear black jeans, button-up shirt and your blazer,"

"Whatever you say,"

"Harry, I need a kiss?"

"You need?"

"Yah, i don't want one, i need one?"

"if you insist, i can technically.."

"Oh shut up and kiss me,"

With that My love and i kissed before finishing to get ready for the long party.

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