I Smile Again


18. Chapter 17!!!!! Going Fast 💕😱

Eleanor's POV :

I felt cold hands shake my shoulder. I rolled in the bed and escaped the trapped hands.

"Get up," a raspy whisper tickled my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes where just a mop of curls was nuzzled in my chest. I took the time to open my eyes by running a hair through the light mass of hair.

"You awake?" the voice asked again and got his face away from my neck to the front of my face. I smiled to the sight of a tired Harry head. He rubbed his eyes and smiled at me showing off his dimples. I squint my big blue eyes as it was sunny today.

"Yeah," my voice was raspy as well but less than his.

"Slept well?"

"Couldn't be better," i smiled and he laid back down above me. I ran a hand through his big hair and kissed his forehead. He kissed my chest and my eyes closed but before i could fall asleep again, he said ,"Thanks for last night, it was amazing," he winked and bit his lip.

"Thanks to you," i answered back.

"There's just a problem," he said which worried me. I was scared he would hear my heart beat. He sat up from me and i did too leaning on the back of the bed, holding up the bed covers to hide my naked breast.

"You might not be very happy," he warned to me. I gave him a confused look and ran a hand through my hair licking my lower lip.

"I didn't... use protection,"

Harry's POV :

"You must be kidding me?" she giggled and held the bed sheets higher to her small beautiful morning face.


"No Harry. This..." She interrupted.

"This is completely crazy," i interrupted.

"no! Listen to me." a smile grew wide on her face. What did that mean? My heart started to beat loudly and fast.

"This is amazing !! We might be having a child !" I froze. What? This was good but surprising. I saw her stumble on the bed over to me who was sitting towards the edge.

With the bed covers over her body she wrapped her hands around my neck and i did as well, around her back. A smile spread across my face and my heart continued to beat normally. I really wasn't expecting this to be like this but i was very happy. She let go and looked into my eyes full of joy, and cupped my face.

"We will become a family," she said and i smashed my lips onto hers for a long minute kiss. Our morning love was interrupted by her phone ringing. She sadly pulled away and kissed my nose making me rose up a bit before hoping off the bed with the covers still around her.

"Hello daddy?" she said to Ryder on the other line.

Eleanor's POV :

"Hello daddy?"

"My love, how are you?"

"Daddy i'm great!"

"Lovely to know, how's Harry?" i turned around to see Harry sitting on the bed staring at me and i smiled to him.

"He's doing fine,"

"Are you guys doing anything special today?"

"I have nothing planned and you?"

"Neither do i? Is Harry heading over to the café?"

"Yes, he has to help,"

"Should we spend some quality time together?"

"Oh yes daddy!!" I squealed and heard Harry laugh.

"Sounds nice, i'll be at the apartment in about twenty minutes, get ready, we're going for brunch."

"Alright, see you."

"Bye darling." I hang up huffing and looking at an amused Harry.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Going to brunch with daddy!"

"Oh sounds nice for you, i'm going to be working some more,"

"Harry you really should take a break,"

"Yeah, Danielle said that we will all have a Christmas break like in two weeks for three weeks,"

"Lucky. I only have one week in two weeks."

"Maybe we should do something,"



"Harry, where in the world could we go?"

"I know you're saying this because you think i can't afford shit, and you're right."


"How about a road trip? First we take a flight to London, stay over at Marine and Niall's place for maybe two or three days and then have a Europe road trip,"

"I'm lost, did you just come up with that?"

"Yeah you can say that,"

"Wow Harry,"

"So what do you think?"

"I think we've got our plans settled!"


"Thanks, but you have to leave the room so i can change!"

"Fine, but don't stay in too long i have to get ready too,"

"No problem!!"

Harry's POV :

It has been ten minutes since i left the room and i have no clue how that Christmas plan came to my mind but it was good and i was proud of what i made up. The only problem was money, i couldn't let Eleanor pay for the London flight tickets. For the whole 10+ minutes i've been thinking about this and it did bug me but i should stop worrying, it's in a few weeks and all i have to think about right now was the Café.

At about 9:45 or should i say exactly 9:48, a door knock was heard. I finished rinsing the cup i had just drank my orange juice in and walked to the door barefoot with only black jogging pants and a beanie. I would wear beanies on days after i had sex just so it covered my tired state. I opened the door, twisting the cold knob and it revealed a happy Ryder. He wore his usual brown leather jacket with black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Hello Son!" he said.

"Morning Ryder, come in,"

"Thanks." he smiled and came in as i closed the door behind him.

"Sorry if i'm not completely dressed,"

"Things happened?" he winked and i could feel myself heat up.

"Eh..." Thankfully as i was about to find words to finish my phrase, a beautiful Eleanor appeared. She wore a pair of black knee-ripped skinny jeans and one of my muscle t-shirts with a pair of converse. She looked like a teen and i wanted her more than last night right now. I smiled to her and her eyes grew wide when she saw her father.

She ran in his arms with her long hair bouncing on her back.

"You look adorable! Are you ready?" Her father asked with his two hands on her shoulders.

"Yes Let's go!" She said and ran into my arms for a hug. I hugged her back in a cute cuddle type and kissed her nose before she said "I'll call you, let me know when you're done."

"I won't forget," i said and she smiled to me before leaving the house.

After eating a fruit bar on the way to the Café, i had arrived. We were making sure all packets and cartons were outside waiting for the moving truck. My curls felt heavy as sweat settled into them.

"Harry!" i heard my name call.

"Yes!?" i called back from outside.

"Come here!" i walked back in the café in annoyance and found Jemima, one of Maia's friend standing next to three cartons. She had only come to help and was a bitch.

"What?" I asked.

"Take these ," she pointed at the cartons and i rolled my eyes at her sight after stacking the cartons and picking them up. My arm and hands' veins showed as the boxes were a heavy weight. Tyson pushed the door open since he was already outside and took the smallest box on top of my pile. He set it down and we both huffed. I squint and put my hands on my hip waiting for the trunk.

"New York's weather is so annoying," Tyson complained.

"i could say the same, even if i want to go out, it's literally impossible because of the weather,"

"Though it will soon get freakin' cold during Winter,"

"Yeah, are you doing anything?"

"Mom said that we will stay here in New York like usual and go to the New Year's countdown."

"Oh... i want to please Eleanor ya know? "

"Yeah," he nodded "You have any plan?"

"Going to London, and then having a small road trip from there,"

"Oh that sounds i incredibly fun!" he said excited.

"But i have to find the money,"

"Oh that's true." i smiled and shook his scalp roughly with my hands.

Eleanor's POV :

"Yes well i'm very proud of him," dad said. We had ordered our brunch and we were sitting at a terrace though it was burning hot. I had my sunglasses on as well as my dad who just responded to me when i told him about Harry's feelings.

"You know, he tries to please me by buying all those expensive stuff and just trying to be like all those men but he doesn't get it that i love him for him,"

"All men want to please their dear beloved,"

"But Harry is my gift, he is just fantastic."

"I'm happy you're happy Eleanor, and if Harry is the reason you are, then don't lose him,"

"I'm just a bit scared,"


"For the wedding, we haven't planned anything and it'a been already like three months since the proposal,"

"That's alright, you can take your time, after the wedding you guys will probably have a child and then that's it. Your life stops, and you have to help build one,"

"It stresses me," i said and felt my dad's hands on mine.

He picked it up and kissed it looking at me.

"Don't be baby,"

"Thanks Daddy,"

"This is really good!" My dad exclaimed after taking a bite of the 'Sauce Béarnaise' he had ordered with meat. I smiled at him and took a bite of my cheeseburger, i'm just so hungry.

"yeah this is good too!" I say and put the hamburger back down to look at my father.

"Are you planning on doing anything this winter ?"

"I might go back to France, if you want to come with Harry, you guys are welcomed!"

"But why are you going to France?"

"We have to talk to them about the grave problem,"


"But, the good thing is that i will be seeing Christophe and Marie,"

Christophe and Marie were my godparents. They had raised me when mom and dad would travel for business in the early days. I smiled at the memory and continued eating.

"Have you got anything planned?" my father asked me.

"Harry and i are probably going to London,"


"Yes hopefully,"

"Where will you stay?"

"I wouldn't mind a hotel but he said we'll stay over at Niall and Marine's place!"

"Marine and Niall are still together?"

"Yes, crazy right?"

"Right. I remember when you guys would see each other on like weekends and 'chill' as teens say," he winked and it made me laugh.

"Now, they have two kids. I think Marina and Theo,"

"Isn't that a family member oh his?"

"Yeah well Marine chose that name and Niall chose Marina,"


"I can't wait to have my own child,"

"You'd be a wonderful Mother"

"I know but Harry would be the best father. It would completely change him,"

"Would you guys prefer any gender?"

"Harry has always wanted his first child to be a girl, which in my opinion is pretty cool!"

"Why's that?"

"Because that's what i want too, and also we'd name her Darcy or Ava Marie. We'd dress her in tutus and little dresses with a little bit of lipgloss," i got carried away with my daydreams of a daughter.

"Oh and the best part is, when we'll travel, she'll be like a small top model you know?"

I finished and looked up at my dad. His eyes were watery. I parted opened my lips and he clutched on his sunglasses that were laying on the table.

"Da..daddy?" I asked putting my hand over his that were slightly trembling.

"Sorry, Eleanor,"

"No daddy, it's fine. You can cry i understand you."

"No i won't," he wiped his tears and i put my hands back on my lap looking at my skin through the knee-ripped jeans.

"come on love, finish up." he told me and i nodded shutting my mouth.

Harry's POV :

"Harry hurry up!!" Jemima groaned to me as i stepped out of the truck.

"Wait a second," i shouted back at her and got a couple of boxes out of the back of the car where she was sitting waiting for me to help her down.

"Get down alone Jemima," Maia laughed and jumped next to her out of the truck. Jemima rolled her eyes and got down clicking past me. Carlos, Frederick and Tyson helped me inside with the boxes. The new place was a little bigger than our last one but it wasn't the same feel to it.

"Harry?" Danielle drew my attention to her. Her face full of sweat, i walked over to her with boxes in hand.


"Are You tired?"

"Its manageable,"

"I'll be going home, you can leave the boxes just in the Café and we'll continue Monday okay?"

"Thanks Danielle, go and rest now,"

"I will."

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