I Smile Again


15. Chapter 15

In my opinion this is a cute chapter !!

Eleanor's POV :

Last night i was a complete bitch to everyone about everything. Harry probably hated me so did Danielle. I feel guilty and ashamed but its the past and i can't do nothing about it. I laid in the bath tub relaxed and laid back. I told Harry to wake me up an hour earlier than usual so i could take a bath and try to think all my problems through. Harry was currently making breakfast in the kitchen, and i was staring at the ceiling.

The white ceiling was plain except for its couple of holes and cracks in it. I closed my eyes and listed all the problems i had mentally.

1. Me.

2. Me Being annoying.

3. Harry Working too much.

Alright so first of all, me. I am annoying and i know that when i'm moody, everyone is feeling bad. Harry. Harry working too much kills me, he never takes a break and tells me that he needs too. I really want to do something good for him and i have an idea.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the bubbles in which my naked body was lost in. I took my hands out of the hot water and saw wrinkles, one day there will be some all over my face and body, not because of water, because of oldness. And i will grow old with Harry my true love.

"Hey Babe," He kissed my cheek before i sat down next to him on the couch.

"Harry, i'm sorry for being such a bitch yesterday can you please let Danielle know that i loved the night,"

"Hey hey hey," he said making his voice get lower and softer every time. "You weren't a bitch last night, you never were." He shifted his body to his side to face me and caressed my cheeks with his warm thumb.


"There are no hanging buts." He quickly interrupted me.

"I love the way you love me." I told him.

"I simply love you." Was all he could say before i got over him and made him fall back on the couch with his hands on my lower back and mine cupping his face.

"You're good aren't you?" He asked pulling away.

"I'm very bad." I said defiantly.

"So you're going to get punished," He said. His voice was raspy.

"Can't wait, but not now!" I laughed and pecked his lips twice. I whined and tried to escape his grip but he simply chuckled and watched me go.

"You're staying with me baby,"

"No Harry i have to go to work, today is the big day, the interview. Tonight i could pick up some Chinese takeaway and we can eat calmly at home yeah?"

"Yeah whatever and then i could punish you?"

"Shut up."

"Alright but kiss me." I connected my lips to his and he elongated hungrily the kiss which i loved.

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