I Smile Again


13. Chapter 13

Eleanor's POV :

"Alright so, i reunited the whole 'Vogue' crew today to announce to you something,"

They all nodded and looked at me as i stood behind the podium, in front of the long table.

"Norah, well, N..norah is dealing with a few problems which means that today won't be the best day at work, but don't worry. She'll be here in say a day or so."

"Do you know what's wrong with her?" a sad looking blonde with the name of Alice asked.

"I think she would have liked me to keep that private." Alice nodded and Louis raised his hand, i smiled before nodding to him.

"Have you gotten the interview set with Mr. Malik?"

"Oh yes about that! I have..." I proudly said smiling widely as everyone congratulated me.

"I would like Trevor and Jade to have the interview with Mr. Malik,"

"You really don't know anything about him don't you?" a dirty smirk played on Jade's lips as she stopped talking and then continued with ,"Mr. Malik choses Who he wants." I swallowed a dry gulp of saliva and smiled to everyone before saying ,"You are Dismissed."

Harry's POV :

The meeting at the café was all done. We had decided at last that we were going to move and settle somewhere close to my house. That was good because i was close to it and also because 'Danielle's Café' won't definitely close. We were now packing as it was Thursday and we had until Tuesday to get out with all our own stuff. We have been packing for ages since this morning and my sweat kept increasing. The salty water ran down my forehead and cheeks like raindrops on a car's window.

I sat down at one of the Café's table recalling all the old memories. When i was 21 i started working here, now i'm 24 and it feels like more than 3 years, more like 6 or 7. Maia sat down in front of me and pushed a strand of her face. She huffed loudly and placed her hands under her chin for support.

"You alright ?" she asked in a tired way.

"Yah, i'm fine." I ruffled her scalp and she giggled.

"Then why do you look dead ?"

"It's just that i'll miss this place you know?"

"Harry, come on, i've been here longer than you! You have to be strong and move on,"

"Let's not talk about this,"

"You're right, How's Eleanor?" She brightly asked which made me smile.

"She's Fine, her boss camped at our apartment last night, it was bloody awkward."

"Wow." she laughed.

"She left this morning though,"

"Good for you." We talked some more before a tired Danielle stumbled on her feet towards us.

"Thanks Guys for the help today, come on two more hours and we're done yeah?"

"Yah." I said and got up from the chair i was sitting in. This day was going to be long. Very Long.

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