I Smile Again


12. Chapter 12

"N...Norah?" i ask as i leant my hand on the doorframe and the other on her shoulder that was trembling.

"Calm down, what's wrong !?" i ask really worried.

"I... I, my husband ... kicked me out of ... the house." She cried, i pulled her into my arms and rubbed small circles on her night gown in which she came with.

"Come in," i whisper in her ear and close the door slowly with my free hand. When i saw Harry in his black boxers and t-shirt, i shoed him out of the living room and he gave me an annoyed look. With Norah, still nuzzled and crying into my chest. I made her sit on the brown couch and she let go of me to put her head in her hands and cry harder.

"I'll be right back," i told her and simply nodded before resuming the crying. I jogged over to our room where Harry laid on the bed all comfortable looking with his curls spread above him. I closed the door and sat near him not touching each other.

"Who is she? What is she doing here anyways?"

"Norah. It's my Boss, listen her husband kicked her out of their house... try to understand her."

"And what do we do about it!?"

"Harry, calm down. We will settle her in for maybe two or three days, get it?"


"No Harry. Imagine you were a girl and i was your husband, i kicked you out. Would you be happy?" I asked interrupting his sentence.

"Defiantly not."

"Thank You. Just get out of the room, make her some tea, i'll talk with her and we could get in bed yeah?"

"She'll think i'm a complete douche!"

"Why? Who could think that about a sweetheart ?"

"Fine..." he groaned.

"But Harry?"


"Get dressed please." i chuckled and left the bedroom. I opened the living room door and caught sight of Norah who was wiping her tears and siting on the couch calmly. I sat besides her making the heavy couch sink in a little.


"Y...yeah" she sniffed.

"Can you stop crying and tell me what's wrong?"

"Yes... b..but first.. i'm sorry for just coming into your apartment.."

"It's no big deal, don't worry about that." I gave her a warm welcoming smile.

"Is someone here with you?"

"Yah, my fiancé."

"Oh wow, then i should probably leave.."

"No no no !!"

"For real?"

"Yes. Please Stay. It's a pleasure."

"Thank You so much."

"Harry!" i shouted his name and saw him come into the living room with a mint blue tray with a kettle and a teacup.

He smiled at Norah who waved back and dried completely her tears. Harry pushed the magazines that were in front of him to put down the tray. He sat on the other side of Norah not even touching her, just smiling awkwardly at me.

"I'm Harry." He said and i giggled.

"I'm Norah, I own Vogue." She proudly said with her voice still a bit raspy from crying.

"Nice to meet you," he smiled.

"Nice to meet you too and sorry for showing up this way,"

"No problem Mrs. Norah." How cheeky Harry was.

Harry's POV :

"Call me Norah."


"Alright Norah, what happened with your husband ?" Eleanor asked rubbing small circles on the ladies' back.

"Well... where to start? I came home and we can say that... i, i found him in bed with Shay Lynn."

"Wow... that hurts." Eleanor said and i looked at her confused as i didn't have a clue who Shay Lynn was.

"Harry, Shay Lynn is the ex-owner of Vogue, long story." I simply nodded as it wasn't the time to talk about Norah's concurrences.

"Well, women i will be in the room to get a few sheets and pillows."

"Why?" Norah asked. Was she serious?

"I'm sleeping on the couch, you and Eleanor can have the bed." I said and got up.

"No Harry! Please no, i beg. i would love to sleep on the couch. please."

"No Norah, Harry's Fine with that." Eleanor said looking at me with a 'sorry' look on her face.

"No!" Norah insisted which honestly pleased me.

"Fine, Thanks Again Norah." I said.

"Thanks To you Harry." She smiled and i left the living room with a 'goodnight'. I ruffled my curls as i left the room, annoyed by the situation. If she was doing this because Eleanor was her manager, then hopefully it doesn't re-occur.

Eleanor's POV :

Norah showing up at 12 PM on a Wednesday night wasn't completely amazing. I couldn't wait to tell her that i had gotten the interview but now wasn't the moment. When you get kicked out of your own house by a drunk man that's sexing a woman, you aren't in a great mood. We talked a lot before Harry settled her a small bed-like environment on the couch.

"GoodNight Norah,"

"GoodNight Eleanor, oh and tomorrow i'm out of here don't worry."

"Where will you go?"

"To Cher's House."


"My sister."

"Oh okay, sleep tight."

"Thanks." I turned off the lights in the kitchen and living room at once as i walked into the room completely confused of the situation. I opened the door that led into our bedroom slowly not wanting to wake up neither Harry or Norah. When i opened the door, I found a shirtless Harry on the bed half asleep. I gently sat up on the bed and watched the cutie wake up.

"Did i wake you up?" i ask.

"No babe."

"I'm sorry if our wine wednesday ended up badly."

"I understand her. How long is she staying?"

"'Til tomorrow."

"Ah good enough."

"Thanks for being nice to her,"

"Let's continue what we got interrupted with."

"Wha.." i was quickly cut off by hands wrapping my waist. Harry pulled me on top of him. We were in the dark but i could see the hunger in his eyes.

"Baby, i'm tired, not tonight." i whined which disappointed him.


"Someday." I kissed his lips, imagining a peck but it turned into a long wet and sweet kiss with my man. He kissed my lips softly but i felt like it never ended so i kissed back but pulled away a couple seconds ago for air.

"Don't do that again."

"Why?" he asked chuckling and sitting up so i moved a little with him since i was on his laps.

"Because you almost suffocated me!" i laugh and he wraps his hand tighter around his waist pulling me too close to him.

He kissed down my neck and i pulled his head into me as i cocked back my head in pleasure. Harry roach my sweet spot and created a love bite on me causing a moan to escape my lips.

"Harry?" i breathed out and pulled him by his hair so he was looking at me.

"Norah's there,"

"Right." he said kissing my lips and we snuggled into each other in the bed.

"Goodnight Eleanor." He said while his head was in my chest and my hands wrapped around his neck. I left my chin fall in his coconut scented curls and kissed them once before falling in a long sleep.

Harry's POV :

"Get off me you shit!" i heard groan, and that's the reason my sleep was disturbed. I rubbed my eyes and sat up realizing that i had fell back on the bed as i was too tired to even make a move. I lied in bed on my bare stomach halfway opening my eyes to see what was going on.

I saw Eleanor cursing at the mirror in front of the cheap 'vanity'.

"Get off ! Get off!" she groaned some more. I huffed and rubbed my whole face, sitting up stable.

"Hey." I say in a really raspy voice.

"Harry Thank you so much !" She sarcastically said as she sat sadly on the bed.

"What did i do?"

"Ugh ! Look!" she pointed at a mark on her collarbone.

"What?" i said still halfway sleeping.

"You made me a love bite!"

"So?" i defended myself.

"So how am i going to work now!? "

"Don't be silly, you can still go to work!"

"It won't look professional at all,"

"I hope no other man looks there anyways,"

"Whatever Harry,"

"Just add makeup over it,"

"I'm trying!" she said or should i say she screamed and got off the bed into the shower. I laughed silently and heard coughing from outside. The hell? I got off the bed and threw on the shirt i was wearing earlier last night before Norah came. Norah. Oh oh. I sped up my pace and ruffled my hair before opening the bathroom door where Eleanor was applying some shit on herself.

"Sorry," i whispered as i closed the door.

"It's fine, get ready, you have a meeting today."

"Yeah." I agreed.

A few minutes later, Eleanor and i walked into the kitchen as we saw the living room empty. We walked hand in hand, her squeezing mine slightly as she knew it was awkward for me to be with Norah. When we entered the kitchen, the skyline view of New York's bright light shone on our faces and made us squint lightly.

"Hm." Eleanor cleared her throat, making Norah who was watching the view, turn around.

"Hello Love birds !" she said in her american accent. Eleanor and i giggled, well she did. We stood behind the counter where delicious looking eggs laid.

"Did you make those ?" Eleanor asked Norah who was walking in her silky pajamas towards us.

"Yes, they are in my manner so enjoy," she squealed. I chuckled slightly and she sat in front of us sipping on her coffee.

"Did you sleep well on the couch?" i asked taking a bite of the hot plate.

"Oh yes thank you! It's very comfortable."

"Good." i nodded.

"Norah, will you be coming to work today?" Eleanor asked.

"I'm not sure, i'll pack my things and leave, i'll be back at work tomorrow though and i want you taking care of everything."

"M... me ?" She asked hesitantly.

"Yes, did you get the phone call from Mr. Malik?"

"We got the interview." I watched and listened to the two ladies talk while i quickly ate.

"That's great!" Norah threw her hands in the air.

"I know." Eleanor answered proudly.

"Now guys, i didn't fall asleep too quick so i heard little moans from your room." I let the fork fall into the plate making an awfully loud noise and looked at Eleanor who looked back at me. Her face grew red as the blushing just kept increasing. I squeezed her hand lightly and her cheeks' color flushed away fast.

"Y..yea.. i mean n..no," she rapidly said.

"Anyways, i have a meeting in thirty minutes, i should get going." I said.

"Wait Harry, don't sound sneaky and you Eleanor din't try to hide the love bites on your collarbone, don't try to hide it with your foundation."

What the fuck was wrong with her? I quickly got out of my chair, swallowed my last bite of bacon and eggs. I got up and walked towards Eleanor who stopped eating as she was frustrated with the situation. She turned around to face me as i stood in front of her not minding Norah. I cupped one side of her face and kisses her lips asking for entrance. She declined my request as she didn't want to in front of Norah. I pecked her lips two more times before smiling and waving good-bye to the two ladies and storming out the door.

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