I Smile Again


11. Chapter 11

"ookkaayyy,..." i awkwardly said before letting Ryder walk to the office. I found myself staring at the door instead of opening it for some customers. Maia came walking to me with two coats in her hands.

"Ready to leave Styles?" i checked the time, already? I nod and thanked her as she had token my coat. I waved good-bye to Marco and Auburn who were both behind the bar. Maia and i walked out the Café, with her coat tied around her waist and mine just in my hands. We walked in the heated and crowded place before pulling up on a calmer street.

"What did Ryder want?" She asked me.

"Honestly it scares me but i don't know what it is. He said that it's about the Café."

"Oh i thought it was something about Eleanor."

"No don't worry."

"How about her, is Mrs. Styles handling her career ?" she asked smirking at me.

"Honestly yes, but it's getting annoying. I want to be with her every minute and , work separates us."

"Harry, you both need that money to live."

"I feel guilty sometimes because she pays sometimes and when i don't want her too, i ask her if she wants to spend some quality time at home,"

"It doesn't disturb her to pay Harry, you shouldn't feel that way."

"I have to be respectful to her and be a real man."

"Fine. Whatever you say big guy." She jokes and we turned left to walk down the street.

"Did you guys plan out the wedding yet?"

"I want her to plan out everything herself."

"No offense but where are you going to get the money from?"

"Maia i don't know!" i yelled which shocked me. Why did i ? She looked at me in surprise and looked back down as we continued walking.

"Sorry." We both said at the same time.

"No i am, Maia." I say.

"I shouldn't have intimidated you."

"It's alright." I wrapped a hand around her shoulder as she snuggled in closer to me. My mind wouldn't stop focusing on what could be happening at the Café. What was wrong? My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing. I let go of Maia and squinted my eyes from the sun to get a better view, 'Eleanor ;*' i smiled and answered the phone.

"Hello Business woman!" i teased.

"Hey Baby, work is over right?"

"Yeah, walking home to drop Maia and then i'll buy some things for the apartment."

"Okay. I have to meet Mr. Malik for a chance to get an interview."

"Good luck for you."

"Thanks, are we staying in tonight?"

"Yeah, it's Wednesday."

"Oh yah! Movie night, did you pick yet?"

"Yes. The Notebook."

"How romantic."

"haha, okay well good luck my baby call you later yeah?"

"Wait, i'm starving, tell me what you're making tonight!!"

"We'll have some cheese and wine with some 'Pharmaceutic Chapstick' in desert." i laughed and heard her do the same.

"Can't wait to taste your Chapstick babe."


"I have to go Love You. Be home in an hour, i'll be there in say 70 minutes?"

"Okay Love You." she sent me a kiss through the phone and i hang up looking directly qt Maia who was walking slowly besides me.

"Why are you staring at me?" I laugh and she chuckles too.

"Did you see how you guys talk? Like 6 year olds!!"

"How are we supposed to talk?"

"More maturely, for example : Hey Babe, come home quick i have talk to you about the new economies of the Café..." She said faking her voice to an old man type.

"haha!! No, i want to have the best time possible on Earth with her talking about what we love and want instead of what we need."

"Whatever You say Harry." We both laughed along the way before we roach a building with only about 10-12 floors. The doors of a heavy brown wood opened when Maia's hands opened them and she waved at me.

"Take Care Maia!"

"Bye Harry, see you after-tomorrow."

I smiled at her and when she closed the door, the perfect synchronization happened. My phone rang. I took it out of my pocket and started walking away as i talked to Danielle.


"Hi Harry, is Maia home?"

"Yes she is, are you still at the Café?"

"Yeah, about that..."

"What? What what's wrong?"

"The Café's location has to move or close."

"What?!" i screamed. But seriously What?

"Yes Harry. it breaks my heart but we will have to move the location and open it somewhere else."

"Oh my... Danielle."

"I know.."

"Did Ryder tell you that?"

"Yeah, he said that the locater had to call him and since they are friends, the locater told him and as sweet as Ryder is, he told us instead of waiting 'til they kick us out."

"Where will we go!?"

"We have until Next week Tuesday to figure and get out."

"We can't do this in such a short amount of time!"

"Ryder will help."

"I'm scared,"

"No Harry don't be, we will move in the old 'FunkyBox' music shop about 500 meters away from here."

"Fine, we should have a meeting tomorrow."

"I'll let everyone know. Bye Harry say Hi to Eleanor."

"Bye Danielle."

Shit. This was going to be shit.

Once i got home, i took all my clothes off and changed into a pair of black boxers. I walked around the apartment half naked with my curls let out. I walked towards the kitchen where i sat near the counter and started to think. It took me a while.

Eleanor's POV :

When Louis dressed me up, and i looked like a freaking Multi-Millionaire with all those branded clothes. Louboutins Shoes. Cavali Dress. Dior Accessories. And Gucci Sunglasses. I walked out of the taxi cab handing him a couple dollars before stepping out carefully holding the lower parts of my dress so it doesn't fly up. I looked up and the building top had classy letters to write : Malik Enterprises.

I sighed in relaxation and started walking inside where a few receptionists looked busy. I walked to 'Emma' as i saw her name on the tag and smiled at her while i took off my sunglasses and placed them on the top of my head.

"This Is Eleanor Lutes."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes, with Mr. Malik."

"No sorry. You aren't on the list."

"Yes yes i am."

"No! Now out of my sight." Offended, i left the reception and took my phone out of the shimmery gold clutch to phone Louis.

"They didn't let me in."


"so what?"

"So you aren't going to give up!"

"But what should i do?"

"Go back and do like i said, pretend to be a model or millionaire."

"what if it doesn't work out?"

"it will."

"Fine!" i grounded and we both said bye before i hung up and cleared my throat. I clicked on my heels and kept my head straight. I walked to the elevator where a few people were squeezed in. I smiled to them and pressed on 'One' as i expected his office was there.

When the elevator doors opened, that was the moment i knew things could only turn out or bad or super. I held my head high smiled and tried to act professional.

"Hello, I'm Here for the Top Model Casting."

"Sure, follow me." Wow! Was it that easy? I followed the blonde woman who led me in a few halls where many, i mean, many blonde women were walking around. Shocked, my eyes grew wide but i tried to not show it. The blonde woman who guided me looked at me as she stood in front of a door who had wood designs on it.

"My name's Tessa. This is where Mr. Malik's office is. When you're done, try and find me so we can get started with your makeup and clothes?" She said and i just confusedly nod. She answered the phone automatically at the second ring and opened the door for me. No.

"Can't You knock!?" a bradford accent asked. My eyes grew wide as i realized i was standing in front of the Zayn Malik.

"Eh... I, i did.."

"Sit." He ordered. The figure turned around as his back in his spinning chair faces me. He turned around and my jaw dropped. His chocolate honey orbs, and his unshaven face made him look much older than just a new 24 year old. I would give him thirty two or something. His navy blue tie sank down and got lost in his Black matching Suit and Trousers. He sat in his chair and leant in closer to my face.

"So? Who are you?"

"I, i'm i'm the new model,"

"Very Funny." What!?

"How'd you know?"

"i asked for just blondes, as they are my favorite."

"I can tell."

"Don't answer me!" He ordered which made me jump out of my chair a little.


"Get out."

"No wait, please i need you for a Vogue interview."

"Hm. Eleanor Lutes?"

"What? How.."

"Emma." He simply cut me off.

"anyways, would you please accept to.."

"Get out." He cut me off again? Manners people!

"You know what? I don't care, you are just some rich multi-millionaire who doesn't have manners!" I said standing up from the black leather chair/couch.

"But you still want me." He smirked and i just sighed in annoyance as i walked away.

"No i don't now Bye and Fuck Yourself." I slammed the door shut on the beautiful male. I had to admit. I was very annoyed by the situation and walked quickly in my painful Louboutins. I was bumped in by a couple models on my way back to the elevator where i furiously pressed on the 'L'. Lobby. I tapped my heel on the floor in impatience as i waited for the elevator to open. Once it opened, i felt the heat of New York tap on my skin. Goosebumps rising on me. I clutched on my side purse and walked out to find a cab until my wrist was grabbed and a familiar person turned me around to face him. Mr. Malik. His heavy breathing hit my face and his big orbs reflected in mine. The grip on my arm was tight and i tried to pull away but nothing seemed to stop him.

"Let me go!"

"i'll come, Today is Wednesday, i'll meet you Friday at 11 AM. If you're late, i'll leave." I was lost for words.

"By the way, you're not blonde but you're a cutie" He winked at me and i suddenly felt my cheeks rose. I swallowed my heavy saliva and breathed out heavily.

"See You Friday." He said.

"Y.. yeah." I managed the words out and watched his figure being lost in the crowd.

I walked on the busy streets and got bumped and pushed a couple people and shopping bags. I took my phone out and called Louis to give him information.

"Hey Louis,"

"El! How was it?"

"Horrible. He's rude, handsome, not more than Harry and he doesn't have manners!!"


"True that! Anyways i got the interview!!" i squealed.

"You welcome !!"

"Haha thanks, I just hope i don't have to be the one interviewing him,"

"Why not?"

"Because he just makes me uncomfortable and i hate him!"

"I have to go, Nikki's waiting for me !"

"Say Hi to her, and see you tomorrow!"

"Bye El!"

"Bye Lou!"

I unlocked the door with the the gold colored keys and immediately took off my blazer to hang it on the coat hanger. I slid out of my high 8 inch heels and sighed in relief as i used the tie that was around my wrist to tie my hair in a high lazy bun. I walked happily in my red sheer knee length dress making it slightly jump every time i skipped down the living room.

I was led into the kitchen by a super delicious smell of food. I smiled when i saw Harry in front of the counter cutting some cheese into little cubes and picking them in toothpicks. I slowly and quietly walked behind him where i placed kisses on his white t-shirt making him jump a little bit up, caused by surprise.

He turned around and placed his hands directly on my hips.

"Hey Babe."

"Did your lipstick stain on my shirt?"

"Maybe if you take it off and we play a game... you could check later." I flirtatiously teased ticking his nose.

"We'll do that later yeah?"

"Yuppy !!"


"Excuse me?"

"I'm stupid, crazy, deadly in love with you."

"Aw babe," I pulled his head down where he cupped my face and i tugged on his curls softly. His grip around my waist became tighter but at the moment i didn't mind if my clothes got wrinkly.

"Eleanor... we have to talk."

"W...what?" i asked confused as we pulled away. I watched Harry walk out the kitchen not caring about my question.

"Harry what's wrong?" I ask trailing after him like a puppy. I watched his curls bounce on his head as he jogged into the bedroom where it was neatly made.

"It's not so important for you. For me it is." He said sitting on the bed leaning his palms behind him for support. I stood in front of him with a confused look on my face and my hands on my hips while tilting my head.

"What is it?"

"Alright so, the locater of... of the café..." He hesitated which really scared me. I came closer to him, in between his open legs and pushing a few random curls out of his face.

"Wants us to move out." My eyes widened and i pulled away from his legs. I watched the sad look on his face create and my haw dropped open.

"But... but that's like... the familiar Café!?"

"Yeah i know, it does disappoint me but we are not ending it here. We have to invest and move into another street."

"Harry I'm so sorry, Danielle must be over her nerves right now..."


"Until when do you guys have?"

"A couple days, tomorrow all the Café employees have a meeting with Ryder and The locater Mr. Gregory."

"Oh okay, well i hope everything will turn fine."

"Yeah i hope too, how was your day?"

"It was alright, scary, and annoying buy good ending."

"Why's that Mrs. Styles?"

"First of all we have to work with 'Malik Enterprises' and i had to go to the real actual building here in New York to meet Mr. Malik in person,"

"Oh wow," he said cocking his head back and leaning further back.

"Yh i know, like his office is literally the size of my house back in London!"

"Then it's pretty big!"

"Harry..." i warned him. Harry always talks about the money i had and i didn't appreciate that.

"Sorry babe, i just loved your house so much so his office must be pretty cool!"

"Anyways, i had to make him think i was a model but he caught me and told me i got the interview with him which was my point!!"



"No problem, you can change, i'll just slip on a pair of black joggings and we can have our movie night?"

"Yeah!! By the way what was that good smell in the kitchen earlier?"

"Oh you missed my homemade spaghettis !"

"Dumb ass."

"Excuse me?"

"Yes Styles. Dumb ass!" I laughed as he jumped off the bed making it pop out a little and ran towards me. I ran around the room laughing and bending over a loads as my stomach started to hurt from all the laughing. I fell on my back once on the bed and Harry's head on my bare stomach. I had my dress off and was wearing a white t-shirt and short booty shorts. I changed when Harry was talking to me about the café which was pretty quick and awkward as i saw him in the corner of my eyes peaking.

His hand slid under my t-shirt and my hands twirled his curls in loose strands before i started to feel wet kisses on my stomach. I slightly leant up and found Harry leaving s trail of kisses on my stomach.

"Seriously?" i asked with a giggle.

"Serious." He answered and i quickly got off the bed leaving his head fall on the mattress.

"Where you going!" I heard him shout as i left the room to the kitchen.

"Somewhere." I laughed.

Harry's POV :

"Want some more wine?" I asked Eleanor who was snuggled in the blankets her eyes focused on the small computer screen, she nodded. I smiled in the dark and served the wine as delicately as i could, only being guided by the small computer's light. The room was fully dark, we had eaten up all the cheese i served in a platter earlier and we were cuddling and watching 'The Notebook'. I handed Eleanor her wine glass which she quickly took and slowly savoring the cheap bottle and putting it down on the low table every time she sipped on it.

She cuddled in my chest closer and i wrapped my hands around her shoulder. She curled her small body into mine, her knees under her chin and on her chest, her hair in a messy but cute bun. Instead of watching the movie, i was only attracted by the beautiful concentrated lady. She looked at me quickly and then at the screen and then at me.

"Harry You Okay?" she laughed closing the computer screen and putting it on the floor.

"Yeah, you're just so... attractive."

"Harry, that was the best..." i quickly interrupted her sentence by fusion. I had cupped her small face and started kissing the light brunette. At first, i could tell she was surprised, but didn't decline and kissed me back with passion tugging on my curls and me at her waist. I sucked on her lips a little more before starting on her jawline, she cocked her head to the side and i kissed from her ear to her neck leaving some wet kisses. She pulled gently my hair into her neck for harder kisses. Our romance, or make out session, was stopped by the door ringing. I groaned in annoyance and she lifted my head up as i pouted like a puppy.

"I love your kisses babe." She says kissing my lips and leaving the couch to open the door. I took a sip from

my wine glass and laid back waiting for her wondering who would visit at such a time?

Eleanor's POV:

I walked off the couch along with the need of more of Harry. I walked in the dark and thankfully didn't bump in to anything. I turned on the living room and looked back to see Harry peacefully lying down. Once the room was brighter, i opened the door know by twisting it open to Reveal a Sad and Mad looking Norah. 'How Pitiful' i meant my thought.

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