I Smile Again


10. Chapter 10

"Good morning, This is Eleanor Lutes from Vogue magazine."

"Here speaking is Emma, how can i help you?"

"I would like to make an appointment with Mr. Malik..."

"Excuse me, you are calling Malik Enterprises, he isn't available and you should know that."


"No. Thanks For calling, have a nice day Eleanor." I groaned in annoyance and put the phone on hold. I put my head in my face and sighed loudly.

"You alright Love?" a british familiar voice asked. I looked up and Louis stood in front of my office with two coffees in his hands. He held me one and i thanked him in silence.

"Alright, what's the matter?"

"The secretary won't let me get an appointment with Mr. Malik."

"That's Alright, just go to the actual building and meet him in person."


"Well... come with me i have the answer."


"Just follow the pro." I chuckled, took my phone and coffee before clicking out the office behind Louis. I followed the boy dressed in a stripes t-shirt and red pants folded at the end. He was wearing navy blue toms to match his shirt. He looked adorable. I was greeted and greeted by some of my colleagues.

"Louis, where are we going?"

"You've been there before," he pressed the "up" button on the elevator and we waited not more than two minutes before it opened to reveal a man in a suit and tie with a few documents in hand.

"Hi Liam," He greeted and i simply smiled to the tall, and elegant man. He looked up on the elevator's ceiling while Louis paced back and forth and i simply looked down from the big glass window. I watched as we went up, and the cars became smaller to my eyes. On the 15th floor, The boy named Liam went out and left with a ,"See you guys around."

"Bye." Louis and I said in unison.

"Who is he?" I asked once the elevator's door closed and it went higher lifting all its weight including us.

"Liam. He is one wealthy guy, favorite ex- assistant of the old top manager."

"Oh." I mumbled and we waited silently until we reached the 18th floor. The doors open to reveal a massive floor full of women in their undergarments and towels wrapped around their silicone perfect barbie figures.

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened when i saw all the high branded clothes around the most biggest walk-in closet i've ever seen.

"Alright, so as i know Mr. Malik, he is handsome and rich which means he will only be attracted by beautiful elegant women,"

"Attracted ?" i asked uncertainly.


"Louis , just a reminder i have a fiancé!"

He laughed and replied ,"Oh sorry, i forgot about Harry."

"stupid," i laugh and we walk some more through the crowded area before we stop at an aisle of shoes. The minimum of shoes i could possibly say were in front of my eyes were more than fifty.

Louis leant up and got a pair of black Louboutins Paris from the third shelf.

"Size 5?" He asked.

"Yes!" i say excitedly.

"Great, they are the last ones anyways."

I nodded and followed him through a couple aisles before he pushed me into a cubicle where i could change into the bunch of clothes he gave to me.

Harry's POV:

"Two Margaritas !" i shouted to Maia who was heading in the kitchen. I sighed and wiped the sweat that was running down my forehead and rolling on my cheek. I had just gulped down a glass full of cold water but didn't feel like it was enough, i was about to a second time when the door of the Café opened in front of my eyes and Ryder came in. I walked to him and smiled widely before shaking his hand

"Harry! You look pretty busy!"

He said looking around, i smiled proudly before saying, "Thanks Ryder. Can i help you in something particular?"

"I just wanted to talk more about Paris and Eleanor but the Café really looks busy so maybe tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, why not? I'll see with Eleanor and i'll call you."

"oh great. Is Danielle here?"

"She's in the office."

"Okay, can i please see her?"

"Is anything wrong?"

"We have to talk... about the Café."

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