Muggles vs. Magic

For hundreds of years the Muggles and the witches and wizards have lived in peace. The Muggles have both rejected and craved magic, while the witches and wizards have simply mocked them for their lack of magical means. Now though, relative harmony is collapsing as each side threatens to overthrow the other. At the waning of one battle, another begins, but who will triumph, wand or weapon?


1. Prologue


Natasha glanced down at the piece of paper left by her parents. They had left a note to tell her that they had gone off to fight for the good of the magic. A sword and a wand lay on the table next to the note. Natasha's parents had also told her to decide what side she wanted to fight for. Even though she was a witch through-and-through, they had still given her the choice.

She thought of Toby. Jessica. Isaac. Isabelle. All her fellow magical friends who would be making their choices too. Natasha also thought of her Muggle friends. Kyra. Emily. George. Charlie. Zara. She didn't know which side to choose.

Her heart told her to listen to her head, but her head told her to listen to her heart.

Natasha closed her eyes and picked up the object that would fight for the side she thought was right.

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