On and Off


1. Who Am I?


I was eating lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

I was reading my favorite novel when I heard screaming. I was getting anxious because the nosy me started wondering.

I packed up and there they were. Of course at the time I had no clue at all who the hell they were but I got passed that.

I struggled of walking passed the thousands of screaming girls. It hurt to think of it again and again. I felt horrible about I missed it. It was all but a dream.

I am a lawyer. I work in Sydney Australia and I make the money I need to live. It's hard some times to think it was all a dream.

My name is Meadow Grace. I am 22 years old. I am single and live in the city in a 2 bedroom apartment with my cat Halo. I have some friends but they live in America.

I graduated from Sydney university with a bachelor for law. I went to Sandy Springs high school. They were my best friends. We sang together. We knew everything about each other. I miss them.

I can't remember there names. I avoided them since the secret they think I just left. Stupid crash stupid coma. I hate that it happend.

Hey guys I hope you enjoy the first chapter I just started writing fanfiction and this is really small chapter. But yeah!


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