Always in our hearts. -For Kennedy Shadownight-

-For kennedy shadownight-
this is a group of poems and extracts from other movellians that are all in memory of kennedy shadownight <3 an amazing friend, E-sister and writer '

You will be never forgotten in our hearts, minds and ,lives.


5. Topic Shadownight

I don't really know how to put this but lets go. When I joined the Shadownight family Kenny was the only one who didn't throw a knife at me. Or try to set me on fire. Or try to kill me in any other way. I will miss her loads. I only knew her for a few weeks But I've found that she's was an amazing and true friend to me and everyone else in the movella community. It's sad to loose someone this great and amazing. Kenny was my E-sister and a beautiful and amazing one at that. She was always involved in the missions us Shadownights took. She will always be a member of the Shadownight family and will never be forgotten. SHe will always be in our hearts, souls, minds and lives. We know Heaven gained an angel when she left us. And we lost an amazing true friend, daughter, sister and E-sister. I can't believe that we will never be able to talk to her again and read and laugh at her witty banter on discussions or see an update of her books in our notifications. Never forgotten. Always here. This is Topic Shadownight. Waving goodbye. To my amazing friend who I will never forget.

'Today I looked into the sky and it was beautiful, Then I realized it was beautiful because you are there, You fly with the angels now but you will never be forgotten. R.I.P'

'I wish R.I.P meant Return Immediately.. Please'

'I wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice one last time'


R.I.P Kennedy Shadownight. Forever in our hearts. Never forgotten

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