Always in our hearts. -For Kennedy Shadownight-

-For kennedy shadownight-
this is a group of poems and extracts from other movellians that are all in memory of kennedy shadownight <3 an amazing friend, E-sister and writer '

You will be never forgotten in our hearts, minds and ,lives.


3. Time Slows Down

Time Slows Down
Time slows down,
When you leave,
Life comes to a slow halt,
We keep living,
Breathing, seeing,
But it's never the same,
You are always on our minds,
Why you had to go,
Why you had to leave,
Why you were taken so early,
Before your chance to live,
A small fragile person,
Child, adult, teen, baby,
Whatever you are,
When you leave,
For good from life,
Time slows down,
For those around,
Then again the same questions,
Why it was you,
When it happened,
Why you were taken so early,
It's a never ending circle,
Of love,
And Loss,
Why it was you,
When time slowed down.

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