Always in our hearts. -For Kennedy Shadownight-

-For kennedy shadownight-
this is a group of poems and extracts from other movellians that are all in memory of kennedy shadownight <3 an amazing friend, E-sister and writer '

You will be never forgotten in our hearts, minds and ,lives.


2. Heaven Gained an Angel

Heaven Gained an Angel

Heaven gained an angel,

When you left us standing there,

Looking sad but happy,

Happy in despair,

We know heaven gained an angel,

One good and true,

When you left us that morning,

You went into the sky blue,

Heaven gained an angel,

When you flew up that night,

Into the sky,

Way up high,

To carry on your flight,

Heaven gained an angel,

We lost a true soul,

But heaven needs you now,

Must have called your name,

Heaven gained an angel,

Who will look down on us all,

Kennedy Shadownight will never be forgotten,

In our mind and soul. 

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