Always in our hearts. -For Kennedy Shadownight-

-For kennedy shadownight-
this is a group of poems and extracts from other movellians that are all in memory of kennedy shadownight <3 an amazing friend, E-sister and writer '

You will be never forgotten in our hearts, minds and ,lives.


4. Bex Shadownight: A Simple Message

I'm afraid that i'm not very good with words basically i'm not the best at explaining how i feel but i can say that Kennedy will be missed. By all of us. She was my E-sister, an amazing writer and a Shadownight. I'm not going to forget her. She's always going to a part of the Shadownight family. I still think that we spent more time talking to each other caps lock and fighting than getting to now each other but that's made us friends. She could always make me laugh and she had good advice when i needed it. I'm not sure on what on else to say other than i still seems a bit surreal that we can't talk to her again.

Sorry if this is rather boring but i can't think of a song but i can think of some quotes:

'The ones who love us never truly leave us.' -Sirius Black (Harry Potter).

'Always and Forever.' -The Originals (The Vampire Diaries).

'The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.' - Lily and James Potter (Harry Potter).

Kennedy does deserve the mocking jay salute and whistle and she did escape the labyrinth. That's it I suppose as everything else has been said. I will miss you terribly Kennedy.

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