My life after YOU

Liam left me before I could tell him I'm pregnant.
Read on if you want to read more about Danielle's life after Liam.


2. two years later.

Danielle's pov

Sam and I are planning on going shopping today. Sams my daughter. The one that Liam gave me. The one that he didn't help take care of. And if I know one thing it's that I'm never ever letting Liam see his child.

Sam still has to be in a baby carrier.

We walk into the food court and I see five suspicious looking dudes sitting at a table. I go over and sit down at the only table left. And that's near the creepy people.

After a while I look up and see all the fives( that's what I decided to call them.) looking at me. I decide to get up and walk away when the one with short brown hair yells my name. I turn around and see the one and only Liam Payne.

I turn around to run away... With Sam. Once I got to my car I open the door then get Sam inside. I knew this would slow me down because Liam's a fast runner. I finally get him in and everything. I'm just about to open my door when I feel a strong grip on my wrist. Not just any grip a Liam grip.

"Why did you run away?" He asks me." Why do you think?" I ask him. He paused for a second and peers over me into the car."who's that? He ask....

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