It wasn't just a 7 second video that turned my world upside down. It was that beautiful smile that brought the happiness back to my life.


2. Chapter One

Walking downstreets laughing out loud with my cellphone in my hands. Looking through every application my cellphone had.

"Vine New Application...Download it on App Stores." New Feeds.

I smiled as I download the application. I made my way to Starbucks to buy some frapuccino. I sat calmly on a seat waiting for the application to download.

I walked back into my apartment and began doing the dishes a I made my bed. The sound of a bits was heard as I looked at my phone.

"Vine has downloaded correctly. Press Yes to see the full application." New feeds.

I walked to my mom's bedroom. Looking for anything to decorate an essay for english class. I pressed Yes as instantly popped a boy's face right when I logged in.

"Hayes Mason has 4,568,899 followers, 12,577,129 Loops."

"Oh...too many people." I whispered as I pressed the first vine.

"Learn to respect a woman." I laughed histerically as girls looked at him confused when he knelt down in front of then including a guy that almost punch him because he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

"Lesley Johnson?" I heard a voice in my back as I turned I smiled.

"Baby!" I screamed as I wrapped my arms around my best friend Nicky.

"Sweetie you fucking need to make a vine with me!" I shook my head with my hands in the air.

"No fucking way!" He took my phone away.

"Come one Just say something, anything."

"I fucking hate Hayes Mason so much!?" I laughed as he recorded me.

"Ok, uploaded!" He cheered.

"Let me take some shit in my bathroom so we can go to Miley's meet and greet bitch!" God I was going to meet my idol. Before I could even take a step Nicky screamed.

"Shit!" He covered his mouth.

"What?" I asked worried as he shower me my vine.

"Hayes Mason liked your vine! And it has 15,456 Loops in 2 minutes." My eyes were wide as I tried to delete it but there were others videos insulting me because of that. I Just can't lose my life because of some random video.

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