The infamous 'Cake'

⚫️The secret is out

⚫️There is no turning back

⚫️the whirlwind journey has swooped Jake off his feet and Calum will follow!

��Chapter 3 Is out Now! Find out how jake got on with his date and how he ended up in pain by reading on!

��Chapter 4 to be released soon!


1. Wakeup call, text & tweet!

Waking up to the ear piercing tone of your phone ringing non-stop with dozens of messages coming through per second was what Made me jump this morning. I don't think I had that much attention in my entire life, seriously! I grabbed my phone and answered to the screams of my best friend Maddie "OH. MY. GOD..." Hyperventilating she carried on "...I CAN'T BELIEVE HE JUST SAID THAT" confused and sure she was clearly on the phone to the wrong guy I contradicted "I honestly do not have a clue of what you are on about skitch!" She replies "don't you even check twitter no more or has hell frozen over gunt?" Honestly I thought that someone had died! Hanging up my phone and launching twitter I started to shake. My feed was full of '#CalCameOut' so I searched Calum's Twitter and there it was... "@Calum5SOS: To my family, it's time I told you! The guys are so supportive and I hope you are too 💖 i'm gay..." My heart sank as I dropped to my knees with happiness. I didn't think the day could get any better! An hour later I realised that 10,000 people unfollow'd Calum on Twitter because he let us know who he is! I tweeted "@Calum5SOS don't take notice! Most if them have a strong connection to god like I have to you and I would unfollow him if I knew he didn't agree with us in a heartbeat" so 10 minutes later I got a notification. "@Calum5SOS followed you" I was followed by what I thought was Calum a couple f months before hand so I thought they had unfollowed and refollowed to get at me. BUT, what's this? A blue tick beside the name? NO. NEVER. HOW. WHEN. WHAT. NO. CAN'T BE! Calum Thomas Hood Just Followed me... What even is life??? I was froze. Speechless. I started to cry, tears raced down my face to the grin on my face as I turned to the mirror. I start to chuckle. Another notification comes through "DM: @Calum5SOS - Thanks for the boost 🙋 really would love to meet you, come find me tomorrow? You know I'm near when you hear screams 😂"

DID... COULD... ISN'T.... Yet again I was speechless but trying to type back, "sure! I'll be the hot one acting cool leaning against a wall" I need to calm down! Be cool, it's 23:48 and I'm meeting my crush in 9 hours. Words can't describe how great I am feeling!

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