The infamous 'Cake'

⚫️The secret is out

⚫️There is no turning back

⚫️the whirlwind journey has swooped Jake off his feet and Calum will follow!

��Chapter 3 Is out Now! Find out how jake got on with his date and how he ended up in pain by reading on!

��Chapter 4 to be released soon!


4. Thoughts of desire

As I stood outside my apartment, keys in hand. Thoughts started to creep up on me, thoughts of confusion. I took a deep breath and opened the door, picked up the mail and glided to the bedroom. Bursting out into a un-containable smile I fell backwards onto my bed as the excitement rushed through by body like a surge of energy and I let out a scream. 

It wasn't Long before Nick Got home from a 'stressful' day of shopping, he says it lets him express his creativity! Honestly I think he just loves showing off his trust fund. Nick enters my room straight away and jumps on my bed, "you have fun on your date?" he said with a strange tone in his voice, was this jealousy that I was detecting? "Maybe, whats it to you" I replied. "What did you's do?", "Can we just not talk about it? please!" "So it didn't go well? I knew it, what did you do? fall on your face!". "Y'know what? It went great, so great that we're meeting for drinks tonight! and then I'm going back to his and spend the night!!!" I regretted what I had said the moment I said it, "oh... thats erm, nice!"

Time stood still for what felt like an hour as we sat on my bed in silence, 30 seconds had past. my clock on the wall in front looked as if it wasn't working because of how slow it was changing. One minute now, things are getting awkward; i want to say something but what can I say? 70 seconds, he gets out his phone. 87 seconds, "y'know since he followed you you've gained 20,000 followers and whats even better, 12,000 followed me since we're mates!" hold on, mates? did this morning not happen? My phone has been off for a while now because of everyone trying to talk to... "oh my gosh! Jake, you dog!" huh? what on earth is he on about? I sit up and lean forward to see what he is glaring at... "WHAT?!?!" an article on MTV News, "5SOS Bassist comes out and new mystery guy thrown to the fans!" I scroll instantly to the pictures, HOLY GOOD GOD! my face is everywhere. "this lucky fan received a follow from Calum Hood and an invite onto the band's buss as it seems. It doesn't seem as if it went well though after Calum was a no show at the event today and the poor guy was filmed launching himself off the bus... either he didn't meet the Bassist or something when't terribly wrong," I can't believe this, what am I going to do? 

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