The infamous 'Cake'

⚫️The secret is out

⚫️There is no turning back

⚫️the whirlwind journey has swooped Jake off his feet and Calum will follow!

��Chapter 3 Is out Now! Find out how jake got on with his date and how he ended up in pain by reading on!

��Chapter 4 to be released soon!


3. Dizzy, Distraught and Everything Else

"My phone had been going Crazy ever since Calum followed me with 'congrats' tweets and boy was it getting annoying so after a short ride to the Shopping complex on my Motorbike I arrived. The complex was flooded with people, tonnes of screaming for attention. That's when I saw it... a large shiny black bus parked in the corner of the lot, hidden in plane sight, I knew that it was them! I could feel it in my bones. I started to sprint, racing towards the bus getting closer with every step. As I approached the Bus at top speed I tripped on a pot hole, smacked my face against the solid ground; I sat up with a throbbing head and a tingly feeling all over, the one that sends shivers down your spine because you know you're hurt. In the distance the dull roar of teenage screams could be heard but was fighting to be heard over the sound of the freeway nearby, I felt dizzy and tired all of a sudden... things just went black!

I woke up with different surroundings, first I tried to pinch myself to see if it was a dream... but you cant pinch yourself in a dream, so I knew it was real! I tried to sit up but my back was really sore for some reason, I let out an "ouchhh" when trying too move and I heard footsteps coming towards me, "ahh your awake then" still un-aware who it was or where I was, I replied "Where the heck am I?" I could hear the sound of screams and cars again, "can some body please tell me where I am?" I rolled onto my side and I could see a slightly over-weight man in a suit. "Its okay I can take it from here, thanks for your help Carl" a familiar boy like voice sounded from somewhere, he was not from around here... he was... Australian! I tried to sit up instantly as my body grew with excitement because I realized who it was but I let out a screech of pain and the boy ran in towards me with caution "DON'T MOVE, YOUR HURT" said The strapping young man, I looked up to see Calum "I knew it was you" I said trying not to fangirl, "and all I done was trip and pass out, no big deal" He paused for a second "Actually that's not all that happened..." I look at him in confusion as he explains, "... You see I, well Carl, our bus driver saw you fall and he called me up front to look as you sat up! he could not stop laughing at you but I didn't laugh, swear! I told him to go see if you where okay and once he got outside you had passed out and that's when I ran over to you and realized who you where! obviously..." I interrupted, "You Recognized me?!" I exclaimed, "Well of course I did stare at your picture for ages last night before DM'ing you" I was speechless, Calum had just told me he knew who I was and that he Starred at my picture!  It took me a second to think straight, "wait so why is my back sore when I just tripped?" I said aloud to myself but Calum Began speaking in a fast pace, "You see as Carl picked you up your key's fell out so I went to pick them up and I may have accidentally tripped Carl up and you fell from him, that's why your back is sore..." He paused to catch his breath as I tried to grasp what has just happened. "Where are the others?" That is all I could ask! "well since Last night I have been getting a lot of people supporting me, telling me they're proud but, but I... couldn't face going out there just yet! I'm just so overwhelmed with the whole thing...", "I Can relate" I replied giving the circumstances, he chuckled "Wow, Did I really just say all that?", "Yes you did" I replied easing myself up onto the side of a bed which I was lying on to face Calum who was sitting on one of Ashton's drumming stools. I looked over at his eyes as he looked back. Minutes passed as we sat in silence gazing into each others eyes and then Calum leaned forward towards me, so I did the same, Slowly we started to close our eyes and I could feel his heavy breaths against my lips, we where going to kiss... suddenly we heard the bus door open and 3 people's heavy footsteps rushing on board laughing and we snapped back to reality, Micheal Burst in finishing a conversation to Luke and Ashton who followed. They all stopped and looked at me! It was really awkward because I had just lay back down on the bed and acted natural and Calum had my phone in his hand pretending it was his. "Whats going on here" Luke said in a confusing tone breaking the silence, "This is, em... this is..." Calum was stumped, "The name is Luk... I mean Jake" I blurted out getting up to shake his hand, "nice to meet you, Cal here saw me fall..." Ashton Interrupts after Calum gives him a knowing glance followed by a subtle smile "Your 10k Tweet guy", "What?" I reply confused on what he meant; "Yes! I remember I read your tweet aloud to Cal yesterday, I thought it was hilarious but He thought you where real sweet!" Micheal adds , as he gets up to take a closer look at me, I turn around to see Calum as red as my apartment door, crap my apartment, "NATE" I scream out accidentally "Who?" Luke replies, "Oh my roommate, erm what time is it? I uh, have to, urm go" I walk around the room frantically trying to find my phone and keys then I remembered that Calum had them both because he picked them up. I go over to Calum as I ask for the stuff he glances up at me, he hasn't said one thing since he guys got here; there is this look in his eyes. One that tells me I shouldn't go, but I say "I have to go, Listen It was great meeting you and I'd love to see you again! what are you doing tonight? we could go for some food? all of us!" I turn to the boys... they are just standing there clueless, Calum grabs my hand "We have a show tonight but we should be free after to talk if you want, we can go out to a bar or something?" I didn't know what to say! last time i tried to get into a bar I ended up at Applebee's, not to mention I'm under age for another 7 months. "yeah sure" why did I say that?

I gathered my things, hugged Calum and shouted Bye as I ran towards the front of the bus, as the door opened I was greeted with piercing screams and Blinding flashes... There where hundreds of girls screaming outside the bus and I didn't notice? It took me a second to realize that the buss had moved too after I had woke up! I ran through the walkway constructed by the barricades and security guards to stop the fans from climbing over, The bus drove away and the crowd dispersed and I returned to my Bike. I started it up and drove away as fast as I could because It was starting to hit me, I. almost. kissed. the. love. of. my. life... but! I had also kissed Nate, who I also loved so very much!


what am I going to do??


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