The infamous 'Cake'

⚫️The secret is out

⚫️There is no turning back

⚫️the whirlwind journey has swooped Jake off his feet and Calum will follow!

��Chapter 3 Is out Now! Find out how jake got on with his date and how he ended up in pain by reading on!

��Chapter 4 to be released soon!


2. 8AM.

It's 8am and I am late. It's 8am and I am only awake. It's 8am and I need to get dressed. It's 8am and I'm scared of my fate.


"What? NO!" I scream, looking at the time on my phone. "I'M LATE, I NEED TO LEAVE IM 20 MINUTES" my partially deaf roommate Nathan barges in, both of us half naked, with a bat yelling "WHERE IS HE, WHERES THE ROBBER!!!" Fussy with confusion I gather my thoughts and tell him "Nate, put your hearing Aid in buddy, I'm only late. We. Are. Not. Being. Burgled." Nathan apologises for the intrusion and attempts to go for a shower. "I need in there first!" I say, rushing towards him. "Tough! I'm here first" he replies and he runs into the shower room and slams the door shut, "Ohhh no you don't" I say while kicking it back and slipping through the slim gap between the frame and door.


We both look at each other like a Mexican stand off but more sexy, "don't you dare" Nathan giggles as he tries in desperation not to break eye contact. "Too late" I reply, we both set off running for the shower and stumbling over each other trying to take our clothes off while doing so! Nathan slips into the shower and I jump on top of him before he had the chance to close the door in my face, thrusting my ass in his face I say to him "are you going to get out now??" Laughing In-between Cheek to cheek slapping he replies "NEVER" and grabs my waist, lifts me up! I grab the shower handle and turn it on continuously laughing I say "You can stay okay, I give up" Nathan puts me down and starts squirting the soap towards me saying "you need to be squeaky clean for your man date!" I blush and repent "it's not a man date, it's really just a bunch of girls and I being turned on by a bassist!" He laughs, and suddenly turns away from me then goes silent.


"is everything okay Nate?" I ask still laughing, "Erm. Well..." "Spit it out will you" I interrupted! Nathan turned around, surprised and flattered I said "I knew you liked me!" He'd gone red with embarrassment, "be proud! It's beautiful Nathan" I enforced. "Really?" Nathan spoke, "really!" I ensured. "Show me what I've been missing!" Nathan forcefully suggested.  "I'm always down for a good bromance" I said, ensuring him nothing else would happen!


Nathan was about to... He moaned, Grabbed the back of my head and screamed with a wince of pleasure, "Ohhh my god! that was fun" he breathed, "it was... alright!" I said. It was the only thing I could say! He, well... He was like nothing I'd ever experienced! I couldn't tell him that, I have a date with my Idol in... OH SHIT! IT WAS ALMOST 9! We had been in that shower for nearly an hour!! I rushed out, trying not to slip "did I do something wrong?" Nathan said cautiously! "No Nate! You done something very right to make me loose track of time!" I got dressed and dried my hair; then Nate comes in, lifts me to his waist my legs wrap around his toned god like body, he moves his face slowly to mine and pauses... "to be continued" he whispered Slowly he let me slide back down the wall until could touch the ground, turns and walks out whistling in excitement! I am so confused right now and I needed to leave 10 minutes ago!

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