5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


4. Will You go Out With Me

The finishing touches had been made and there was only one thing left to do, get her there. Calum was practicing what to say when Hattie came into his room. "I was just wondering what you were going to do about the whole "being in the wrong place" thing?"

"Er yeah, not too sure at the moment but we will sort something." Calum cleared his throat, "would you like to come and see a concert with me?" He paused waiting for a no. "Yeah sure! When is it?" Calum's face immediately lit up. "Well it's tonight? I'm sorry, it was a stupid idea, it's far too late to ask you." He started to walk out of the room when Hattie jumped infront of him "Hey rockstar! I never said it was too late notice! I can totally come but I may need to get ready." She said gesturing to her red plaid bottoms and her blue tank top. "I think you look beautiful," Calum said winking, she turned away as she started to blush. "We can go now if you want?" He said slipping his arm over her shoulder causing her to turn the colour of her trousers.

Eventually Hattie caved in and they both hopped on a train up to Wembley where Calum lead her into the empty stadium. "I thought you said we were seeing a concert?" She said with a puzzled look on her face. "We are!" Calum said as he walked up onto the stage. He picked up a guitar and started singing. "You're like perfection, some kind of holiday! You got me thinkin that we could runaway..." When he came to the chorus the lights suddenly flickered as Luke, Michael and Ashton came on. They were all singing and doing the most ridiculous dances that made Hattie let out an almighty laugh which was stopped by Jem jumping on Hattie's shoulders. "Isn't this amazing? Am I not the best friend ever?!" She had a slight smug look on her face but Hattie just gave her a huge hug as they both watched their favourite band perform especially for them.

After the concert, Calum jumped off the stage and took Hattie to the side,"Did you enjoy it?"

"No. Sorry." Calum's face sunk as he heard these words "I loved it! Thank you Calum this was amazing!" She lunged towards him and gave him a huge hug. He rapped his arms around her and embraced her enjoying every second of it. "Cal?" Luke said over the microphone system "we haven't finished yet!" Calum let go of Hattie and a mile long smile spread across his face as he ran back up onto the stage. "Hattie, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me some time?" His deep brown eyes stared at Hattie as she went bright red. She ran up onto the stage and stood infront of Calum so they were literally face to face. He put his arms round her waist and said "is that a yes?" She tucked her head into the crook of his neck and whispered into his ear, "yes!" Suddenly there was a round of applause coming from the others which caused Calum to blush as well as Hattie.

Many congratulations were passed when Luke interrupted "I also have something to say," he eyes automatically glanced towards Jem. "Jem it would be my honour if you would come on a date with me?" His eyebrows raised as Jem teared up and ran it of the stadium. Luke fell to his knees, he had never felt this way about anyone before and she hadn't even said anything, "I will go get her!" Hattie yelled as she chased after Jem.

"Hattie?" Jem paused, "Luke Hemmings just asked me out and I ran away!"

"Jemmy you are so silly sometimes get back in there and say yes!" Hattie said placing her hands on Jem's shoulders. "He collapsed when you ran away, he likes you a lot! Go get him!" Jem nodded and sprinted back to Luke soon to be followed by Hattie. As Hattie entered again she saw Jem and Luke on the stage. She was hugging him and he was spinning her around.

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