5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


3. watchdogs

Hey guys this is Hattie. Just wanted to say this is gonna be a short chapter coz next one is gonna be big xxxx

After running back to the hotel we all jumped into a lift and went straight up to their rooms. "Welcome to 'casa de 5SOS'!" Luke gestured as he opened the door. There was a massive flat screen TV which was being used by Michael and Ashton. "Wow your hair is so cool!" Jem said running towards Michael, "what are you playing?" She asked. "Watchdogs, basically you go around hacking..."

"...the city and eventually you become known as a vigilante. Its really good coz you can steal people's cars and stuff,it's my favourite game." Hattie interrupted Calum whilst stepping forward making sure her presence was known. "Yeah...that's exactly it..." Calum stared at her in awe however seconds later he pulled Luke into the next room. "Ok dude I need to ask her out!" Calum's face had lit up.

"I totally think you should but how?"

"Luke c'mon we must be able to do something really romantic I mean we are 5 seconds of summer!"

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