5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


10. Party

Hattie's point of view

After a long journey the limo finally stopped so Calum and I hopped out. We were at a hotel, I had no idea which one but it was quite big. Calum interrupted my thoughts by grabbing my hand and started running towards the entrance. "Oh wait put this on!" He said handing me a blind fold. I merely raised one eyebrow and slouched, " I don't wannnnt to! " I said lazily, it was 10 o'clock and quite frankly, I was tired. Calum wasn't having any of it, he grabbed the blind fold and wrapped it round my head. Once again, he grabbed my hand however, this time I couldn't see a thing. He dragged me through a door and I could automatically here the buzz of people. I ripped off my blind fold to see all of my friends, One direction and Ashton, Michael and Luke. Luke was standing with Jem and his arm was gently wrapped around her. My friend Emily was also there and she was chatting to Ash, and Isabel was chatting to Niall and Liam on the other side of the room. "A party for you!" Calum said waving to Ash. "Aw thanks!" I said skipping down the stairs towards Emily. "Heyyy Emz! Can I talk to you for a sec?" I said dragging her away from Ashton. "He's even better than Chris Evans!" Emily said and we both chuckled. Emily had a slight "obsession" with Marvel. Chris Evans was captain America and was definitely on her list of bæs. Our chuckling was stopped by Jem skipping over. "Haiiii!" She said hopping in between us, "saw you talking to Ashton!" Jem said nudging Emily.

Our silly conversation was stopped by One Direction and 5sos walking onto the stage. "Hello ladies and gentlemen," Niall said in his gorgeous Irish accent. "This is for the many special girls here tonight." Calum looked at me. Luke looked at jem. Ashton looked at Emily. Niall looked at Isabel. The nine boys all went to their preferred instrument and they all grabbed a mic. Calum strummed the first note on his guitar and I immediately knew they were about to play Amnesia. The two bands played many songs which lead the party late into the night.

When they had sung every song possible they all jumped off the stage and jogged over to Jem, Emily, Isabel and I. We all started clapping sarcastically and congratulating them on a brilliant concert. *BANG* the door slammed open as a tall, pale, blonde boy walked in. I had seen him before. Emily let out a huge gasp. "Dan! What are you doing here?" She said stepping away from Ashton. "I need to talk to you." Dan said dragging Emily out of the room...

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