5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


9. Limo

This is gonna be short coz next one will hopefully be big :)x

After lots of talking an pizza eating it was 9:50 and Hattie needed to get home. So Hattie and Oscar went downstairs, "Mum? Hattie needs to get home now can we have a lift?" Oscar said to his mum. "She doesn't need one." Oscar and Hattie turned to each other in confusion. "There's a very well dressed lad called Calum Hood waiting for you outside in a limo." Oscar's mum said pointing out the window. "Oh, right, I guess I have to go then. Bye!" Hattie said as she walked out of the front door.

The door closed behind her as Calum stepped out from the limo. Hattie ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Are you ready?" Calum said looking down at Hattie. "For what?" She said with a puzzled tone, "our date! Remember? I asked you out and you said yes? Well....we are going now!" Calum said pointing towards the limo.

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