5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


1. iTunes festival

The lights flickered, the music boomed and a massive flash was followed by Ashton proudly walking on with his hands in the air. There was another crash which was soon followed by Michael walking on with his newly red hair. Luke and Calum came jumping on to the stage which ignited the crowd's excitement. After many random, yet in tune, notes had been strummed on the guitar, the boys started to play 18.

The song ended and Michael stepped forwards, "Hi, we're five seconds of summer." The crowd rawed at the sound of his Aussie accent. "So we like to do this things where we introduce ourselves so, hi I my name isMichael!" On the other side of the stage Calum stepped forwards "Hi, I'm Calum!" This was followed by a cheeky smile. "Helloooo London! And the good good people of the internet," Another raw came from the crowd, "I am Ashton!" He said as he hit the drums a few times, "hi I'm Luke." He said this with hardly any expression but you could automatically tell that he was a favourite as there was a deafening scream from the crowd.

The concert finished and the 5SOSers left the Roundhouse with a buzz of excitement. After an interview with CapitalTV Calum lead the boys to a pre ordered taxi and they all hopped in. Luke fell asleep first but was soon followed by Ashton,Michael and Calum.

The large driver turned to the sleeping band. "We are here lads," they all stirred and slowly stumbled out of the taxi and into their hotel. "Thanks mate," Ashton yelled as the taxi drove away. The front desk past them their key and they went up to their apartment. Ashton and Michael were sharing a room whilst Calum and Luke were across the hall in another room. "Night."



"Night." They all jumped into their beds and were soon fast asleep.

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