5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


11. Hazel Eyes

Emily's pov

"What the hell are you doing here?" I said trying to keep my voice down as Jem, Hattie and Isabel were undoubtedly the other side of the door. "I thought maybe...we could start over." Dan said subtly giving me puppy eyes. No. Not again Emily, you can't fall for him. Previously, he had been "not nice" to me and my friends and, despite his cuteness, I wouldn't fall for him again. "Did you not get the message?" This time I yelled and slammed my hands onto he table. "I know what you said...I just thought we could talk without your friends there?" He said once again giving me puppy eyes. "No!" I yelled.

At this point I guess Ash had realised something was up because he came in a slipped his arm over my shoulders. "Yer mate seriously back off. She has someone else." I smiled smugly at Dan. Wait, I'm with someone else? Am I...with Ashton?Dan was clearly jealous of this six feet tall hunk of Australian gorgeousness so he slopped out of the room. Ashton and I followed and returned to the party where everyone was huddled whilst gossiping about what just happened. "He wanted me back, and obviously I said no." I smiled turning to face Ashton. I looked deep into his hazel eyes and I felt him looking into mine.

This moment was stopped by Hattie making a silly kissy noise. I was so annoyed that I ran over and jokily punched her.

Once everyone was bored of small talk we all went back to mine and we watched Avengers Assemble, it was Hattie and My favourite film. Everyone slowly drifted to sleep and each girl, including me, was wrapped up in her band members' arms.

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