5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


8. Dominoes

When they got to Oscar's house they both hopped out the car and went round to the front door. When she walked in, Oscar lead Hattie to his room and said, "I just need to get changed coz I have been in this for ages," he said ushering towards his slightly grass stained cricket whites. "You look nice by the way," he said as he ran out of the room to a bathroom. Hattie was left in his room perched on his bed. She texted Jem:

"In Oscars room at the moment aaaah what should I say?! X" Once again it only took a few seconds for Jem to start replying.

"OMG just be nice and stuff I guess?!?!x" Hattie did not have time to reply as Oscar walked back into the room. "Bored already?" He said jokily. Hattie went red and awkwardly laughed. "So what pizza do you like?" He said sitting next to her on his bed, "well personally I like a plain margarita but, if I had to have toppings I quite like meat on top." Hattie said hoping she had said the right thing. "That's so cool coz normally girls don't like meat on pizzas and I think it's weird. We could share one if you like?" He said handing me a menu.

In the end, they ordered a large margarita pizza with chicken strips as the topping from Dominoes. After 10 minutes of random conversations about how they hadn't seen each other in so long, the doorbell rang. Hattie and Oscar looked at each other and then said in sync "dominoes!" As they both jumped off his bed and ran downstairs to greet the pizza man.

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