5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


17. Do you want to go on a date?

(Just a little bit to keep the story going not very long at all but hopefully be able to write more soon)

My moment in the lime light didn't last long because a huge white limo pulled up. Ashton popped out of the door holding a large bunch of red roses. "Awww," Isabel and I cooed. I leant towards Calum as he pulled me into a hug and he played with my hair. Emily stepped towards Ashton with her hands over her mouth in awe. "Emily," Ashton flicked a piece of hair from his eyes, "do you want to go on a date?" He looked down because of the hesitation from Emily, "Yes!"

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