5 year difference

When the cheeky Aussie boys finished their performance at the iTunes festival they accidentally got into he wrong taxi and end up in the wrong place


2. After The Hotel

Calum woke up first and decided to jump on Luke. "Boo!" He yelled as he jumped on Luke's bed. "What?" Luke slowly rolled over and sat up. "Let's go round the city a bit." Calum chucked on some clothes and they both went out. They walked a mile up the road and saw a school. They decided to pay a visit.

As they walked toward the school hey came across two girls. "Hi, we're..." The two girls screamed! "We know who you are! " they said in sync. One stood up "Hi! Lovely to meet you! I am Hattie! I was at your concert last night!" She lifted her arm up revealing an iTunes festival wrist band. "Hieeeee! I'm Jem! I love you so much!" The two girls grinned at the two boys. "Do you wanna go grab some fish and chips? There was a place near our hotel." Luke offered looking at Jem.

"Oh yer! Sure! We should just grab our bags! Be right back!" The girls ran round the corner whilst Luke and Calum waited. "Hattie's cute!" Calum said looking round the corner as she ran away. "No way! Jem is so cute!" Luke waved to Jem as she was looking back. "When we take them to get chips we should ask them to come back to ours." Calum said as the girls disappeared into another building.

Jem and Hattie returned and "casually" walked with Luke and Calum to Sea Land. "So just out of interest why are you in Tunbridge Wells?" Hattie said walking into Sea Land. "Haha!" Calum chuckled. Jem was confused "Why are you laughing?"

"It's just you said we were in tunbridge wells! Haha!" Hattie stepped toward him. "We are in tunbridge wells, did you not know that?" There was a moment of silence where Luke and Calum looked at each other in shock.

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