1. -1-

'Just listen to me please. We can fix this.' He reaches out to cup my face but I smack his hand away.

'This is your fault! If you wouldn't have done that in the first place, we wouldn't be here right now!' I yell at the top of my lungs.

At this moment, I can't really be bothered if anyone can hear us. Well I think that it's not something I should worry about cause these streets have a negative vibe, like no human knows of this place. These places are unknown to most of the world's population. Or maybe it's just me. I'm not paying much attention to my surroundings anymore. I haven't been for a while, since he came into my life. I can't really categorize this feeling into a positive or negative but it's somewhere in between.

'You know that you can't blame all of this on me. Alli, we were in this together.' His voice softens and he drops his head low.

'This 'thing' is finished.' I turn on my heels and begin to walk away.

'Don't do this! You're not thinking straight!' His voice raises up again. I hear his quick footsteps behind me. I begin to speed up in my tracks.

'Allison!' He yells, running after me. I keep my head up, my vision slightly blurred, my heart pounding out of my chest and my throat running dry. Running is not as easy at 12:00 am, when the narrow streets are pitch black and there are no signs of cabs to get you home. It's raining heavily and the streets are flooding with water. It's pretty scary when you picture it. Well I'm in that situation, but worse, I'm being chased.

'Stop it!' I attempt to yell but my throat is so dry that a word barely escapes.

I know he won't do anything, he can't. He's not that type of a guy. But I fear, I fear of what spell he's gonna put on me now.

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