Toni is back and she has seen another band just like 1D but she cant choose when they both leave on tour at the same time....
this is a 5SOS and 1D fan fiction


2. the villa

Toni P.O.V

we arrived at the house wow wait that is not a house that is a villa!

well what do you expect Toni?! their famous

OH ..... yeah


press the button I said

Bella pushes the button


Bella: hey Louis it's Bella and Toni

Louis: oh hey girls i will let you in now.(shouting at Harry: GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED HARRY THE GIRLS ARE HERE!)

WOW!! THIS PLACE IS HUGE!! Bella screamed into the villa

Hey gals! as a head popped out it was louis as Bella blushed(she likes louis)

hey Lou

just then Harry and Niall came down! shirtless

OMG OMG I thought in to my head!

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