Toni is back and she has seen another band just like 1D but she cant choose when they both leave on tour at the same time....
this is a 5SOS and 1D fan fiction


10. the kiss!



Toni pov

That kiss was so ..... amazayn! (what?!) it was like sparkles and the 4th of July 

the kiss finished

we were staring at each other for 10 seconds an if we fell in .....


i-i am s-sorry luke i c-cant as i stutterd i began to cry and run down to bella

Bella pov

i was watching frozen with callum the i heard sobbing from the stairs and looked up and saw my dear best friend sobbing her heart out :( .....

toni what is wrong? TONI!!!!

i told calum in silent language to go upstairs and he soon run upstairs
i dragged toni in to our room. toni what the hell happend??

i-i k-k-kisse-ed luke....... she said with even more tears coming out

b-bella i like niall but now i think i like luke too!

toni it's okay darling now shhhh

toni falls asleep crying

poor girl i mumbled 

Luke pov


L;i kissed Toni!! okay?!

c:what the hell luke!

C:you know you have a girlfriend? right 

 L:yeah of course i know but i felt more in love with Toni than Lola

C: ohh dear

C:can you hear that?

L: hear what?

C: Toni crying!!!
L:get out Calum!

wow poor toni!!

hey still out there but need 1 co-writer so plz if u intrested fan me and then we can work together and the hashtag for this chapter is:




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