Toni is back and she has seen another band just like 1D but she cant choose when they both leave on tour at the same time....
this is a 5SOS and 1D fan fiction


7. home sweet home boys!

Bella P.O.V

So we went home while Michael and Ashton went with the boys.

And Callum and Luke came with us!!

We were listening to the radio

Bella used to love this song last year.she was coco loco

The song begins (let's get ridiculous!)

Bella couldn't help but sing!

La freak x2 ......

Toni looked at the back seats and Callum and Luke were talking and giggling like girls?!

Ohh well I was bore might as well join Bella!

A few min after the song finished we were home

Home sweet home!

Hello my cupcakes sorry I haven't been updating I am doing a project witch is half my grade! But now it is almost done😄yippe

So sorry


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