Toni is back and she has seen another band just like 1D but she cant choose when they both leave on tour at the same time....
this is a 5SOS and 1D fan fiction


5. hello 5 SOS!

Bella P.O.V

Toni just told me that I fainted A LOT of times!

well that is normal for me cuz when I was young I there was celebs in TV like beyonce and JB and more. so pretty much normal

Bella are you ok? Harry looked at me weirdly....

yeah yeah and I explained about the celeb thing.

ooh that's why you fainted! Niall yelled

well anyway we would like you to meet our friends! louis said

this is calum.

(he had a warm smile when he greeted us and said hello)

and Luke

(he looked like a bad boy! and said hello in a low voice)

last of all Michel and Ashton!

(Michel had nice dark hair and Ashton with a big smile on his face :) )

Ok then this is Bella and Toni!

when we said hello to them calum blushed at Toni and she blushed back!

Niall was getting jealous and Harry

but I liked louis so no worry but I did like Luke a little (I SAID A LITTLE!)

so we chilled and lied in our bikinis and they boy's were staring at us in a love mood!

(oh dear!)

Toni P.O.V

I love Niall and Harry but I like Calum he looks so cute and .......... I don't know 

Bella wisperd to me that she liked louis and Luke!

OMG i yelled 

every one is now staring at Toni


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