Toni is back and she has seen another band just like 1D but she cant choose when they both leave on tour at the same time....
this is a 5SOS and 1D fan fiction


6. going home!

Toni P.O.V

so it was getting late and we were tired so bella an i said we are gonna go home

oh ok then louis smiled and waved but he looked like he was staring at bella!

but wait! Michel said 

our house is getting renovated and ..... we need a place to stay 

well liam said we only have 1 more room so only 2 can stay over...

so that leaves calum and luke .... 

ummm they can stay at our place! bella screamed

great then come along

hey guys thx for reading my books and also a new 1D song came out fireproof plz go and listen to it AMAZAYN!

ok enjoy my cupcakes

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