In short, distance sucks.


1. Distance

The thing about long-distance relationships
is the strength required to maintain them. 
Not the strength of resisting cheating
- if you have to resist that, 
you're a shitty person - 
not the strength to be happy
when you miss someone so passionately
it aches like a hole in your chest. 
What you really need
is the strength to remember everything, 
because the small things matter
and the smallest memories disappear first. 
Because his fingertips left indents in my skin
and they're slowly rising; 
even memory foam mattresses forget your shape
if you don't sleep on them for long enough. 
And all I want to do is remember those moments; 
the happy ones, with nonsense laughter
and silly jokes that no one else understands. 
I don't want to have to trace my fingers
up my arms and across my body
wishing these were his hands, his fingers
learning my each and every bump and curve. 
Nothing would give me greater pleasure
than not having to remember everything, 
but instead, experience it constantly. 

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