Baby, Im Not Like The Rest

So there's this girl, she's new to this school. She's a freshman, dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5'3", and the most amazing personality. She meets "the boys", the Magcon Boys, but she doesnt know who they are. She falls, but for who?


1. Chapta Uno

Skye's POV


I walk into this new school, their staring at me. Ugh, I'm awful with attention. I have social anxiety, it sucks.. I go to my locker and put in my combo, "13-21-23" I whispered to myself. I open my locker and organize it a little. I shut my locker and turn around to see these two boys walking in my direction.. What do I do, stay there or walk away?

"Haiii, I'm Aaron, you're the new girl, right? Skye, isn't it?". His voice is a little high, but its so cute, and his hair, o m g, his hair. "H-hi." I stammer, "Yes, I'm S-Skye." "Pleasure to meet you Skye, I'm Nash." he smirks. Nash. Nassshhh. His eyes are so beautiful, they are as blue as the Hawaiian oceans, but so much more interesting. And his voice. It's so deep and sexy. SAY SOMETHING, SKYE. "It's really nice to meet you two." "How about you sit with us at lunch today, but only if you want to, I don't want to pressure you or anything.. You can meet our friends." Nash says staring into my eyes. "That sounds nice, beats eating in the bathroom stall all alone." We all laugh a little. "Well we should all get to class, don't want to be late!" Aaron says. "I'll walk you to class, we have Geometry together." "Okay, nice to meet you Nash! See you at lunch." As Aaron and I start walking, I turn around toward Nash who is still standing there, and give him a big cheeky smile and wave idioticly. He just smiles and walks in the opposite direction. Aaron and I get to class and the teacher introduces me to the class, my heart thumps louder and louder as I see them staring at me. When he finished, I hurried over to the empty seat behind Aaron. I sigh in relief when I realize I'm sitting in the back. The boy besides me turns to me and says, "Hi there! I'm Matt." "Hi Matt, it's very nice to meet you." I give him a sweet smile as Aaron turns around. "Ahh. I see you've met Matt, Skye. He is the nerd of us boys." "AM NOT!!!"Matt says very flustered. "MR. ESPINOSA, KEEP IT DOWN BACK THERE." Aaron giggled when he heard the teacher yell at Matt. "You know I was just kidding bro, I still love you." "Yeah, yeah.."

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