Can't Stop Us

Perrie and I are on a run...well I guess you could call it that. Right now we're running from 9 guys. Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford.


1. Hope

Emma's POV:

Me and Perrie are watching, the 9 boys trying to find us, on top of a house. They're never gonna fine us and if they do we're not going down without a fight. When they found us once..we fought and escaped from them. We're specially trained so we know a lot.

Oh I'm sorry. I'm Emma! I "live" in England but go all around. My best friend is Perrie Edwards, and we..well hide, run, fight, chase etc. after 9 boys. It's basically our "job" I guess. Anyway back to my present life.

"Come on!" Perrie whispered as she crawled across the roof.

I followed her across the roof, but then she stooped. I crawled up next to her to see a girl in front of us.

"It's ok! I'm not gonna hurt you!!" She said.

"Then who are you!!??" I asked.

"I'm Alexa but you can call me Alex!" She smiled.

"Ok. I'm Emma and this is Perrie!" I said smiling.

"So what are you doing up here?" Perrie asked Alex.

"Well I've been on a hunt for these 9 guys and I'm trying to track them down. Been searching bout them for months!!" Alex said to us.

"OMG US TOO!!" Perrie basically yelled.


"Sorry!" She whispered back.

Alex laughed at her. Perrie could be weird and funny at times but other times she serious.

"Hey wanna join us and make a group?" Perrie asked Alex.

"Sure I'd love to!" She said happily.

"GUYS!!!," I heard a familiar voice say," I THINK SOMEONES UP THERE LETS GO!!" Said the one and only.....Ashton Irwin.

"COME ON! FOLLOW ME!" Alex said standing up.

We stood up and started to run with her we jumped from one roof to the other to the other to the other until we got to a place with an opening at the top.

"Come on! In here!" Alex almost yelled.

"It's abandoned so were good!" Alex added as we jumped down.

We hid when we heard 9 jumps onto the roof above us. We heard the guys jump down and they started looking around. They could see us but we could see them.

"Look all around!!" Zayn practically yelled at them.

They looked for a good amount of time till Calum said,

"Their not in here let's go!!"

They all listened, found a latter and left. We waited a minute to make sure they were gone until we came out.

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